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A Toronto man has been eating a photo of Jason Segel’s face every day – Global News

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This article is more than 7 years old and some information may not be up to date.
A Toronto man named Noah Maloney wants actor Jason Segel to eat a picture of his face.
To prove his dedication, he has vowed to film himself eating a photo of Segel every day until the actor responds by eating a picture of him.
@jasonsegel I am going to eat a picture of your face everyday until you eat a picture of my face. #eatmyfacesegelhttps://t.co/huQqDlXVhx pic.twitter.com/QviHdyfjVW
— noah (@dirtydognoah) February 16, 2017

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Maloney is currently on Day 7 of his strange self-imposed challenge, and has posted a video daily since he started the #EatMyFaceSegel campaign.
His first video (below) has already received over 570,000 views on YouTube. Maloney’s initiative gained traction after it was posted to Reddit and it has since garnered international media attention.
Segel hasn’t responded to this challenge (as of this writing), but the How I Met Your Mother actor’s sister tweeted about it.
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“theres a man on youtube whose brand is eating photos of my brother on video & my 1st reaction was: how do i get someone 2 eat pictures of me,” Ali Segel wrote.
Maloney eats many of his Segel photos at home but he’s also been recorded eating a photo while walking through Toronto’s Kensington Market.
He has also been recorded eating a photo of the Forgetting Sarah Marshall actor while getting Segel’s name tattooed on him.
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“Essentially we think he’s seen it and if anything he’s going to give it a few days or something,” Maloney said in reference to Segels sister’s tweet, while speaking to Toronto radio station 102.1 The Edge on Feb. 21.
When asked if he was going to “up the game,” Maloney said, “We have a lot of different ideas. Yesterday we went to the Eaton Centre and I stood up on a table. We had to do that really quick before security came, so we’re trying to do as many different things as we can, keep it fresh and just do a bunch of different things.”
Maloney also believes that it’s going to be much harder to do anything crazier than the “JASON SEGEL” tattoo. He also said the only thing that will stop him from eating the actor’s face every day is if Segel eats the photo of him.
People on Twitter have been discussing the #EatMyFaceSegel videos — some supported the initiative, while others derided Maloney.
@zestynoah You are BLOWING UP! I wanna do an update Friday. That cool? #eatmyfacesegel
— Fearless Fred (@Fearless_Fred) February 22, 2017

#eatmyfacesegel is the best/worst trend so far in 2017 pic.twitter.com/jWa9iM3gt1
— spiritus dickitus (@SlompTastic) February 22, 2017

#EatMyFaceSegel is my favorite piece of performance art.
— Jo Michael Rezes (@JMRwrites) February 21, 2017

@zestynoah how about a sandwich but instead of lettuce it's @jasonsegel face#eatmyfacesegel
— Cragle 🌶️ (@Camble_b) February 20, 2017

@jasonsegel please put an end to this madness #EATMYFACESEGEL
— Jarad Moore (@jarad358) February 22, 2017

Check out Maloney’s YouTube page to watch him eat a picture of Segel’s face every day.
Global News has reached out to Maloney for comment.
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