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The Premiere Country Getaway for NYC Dogs offering Social Boarding, Professional Grooming Services, Premium Chef-Made Food for Dogs, and More!  

Glencadia is a haven for dogs in a human dominated world, a place where dogs have the freedom to roam, explore, play, swim, roll in the mud, and generally do dog stuff, the way that dog’s want to, without consideration for human preferences! Glencadia has proudly hosted over 50,000 individual dog stays at Glencadia Dog Camp a 20-Acre fenced retreat for dogs in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

To learn more about Glencadia’s rich 17 year history and it’s rise to become the premiere getaway for the diverse dogs of NYC, check out 
The Glencadia Story by Glencadia’s Founder/Owner/President Will Pflaum 


Will Pflaum
Founder | Owner | President Glencadia Corp | Glencadia Dog Camp
Phil Schools
Operations Manager | Food for Dogs Director Glencadia Corp | Glencadia Dog Camp

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