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You can play with a dozen golden retrievers while drinking cider at this farm – Cleveland 19 News

JEFFERSONVILLE, Vt. (WCAX/Gray News) – A farm in Vermont offers an experience that is truly a dog lover’s dream.
At Golden Dog Farm, guests can play with golden retrievers while enjoying cider and snacks in the rolling hills of the state.
The farm in Jeffersonville overlooks Smugglers’ Notch and Mount Mansfield. The farm offers tours, samplings of local goods and “The Golden Retriever Experience” every weekend.
According to the Golden Dog Farm’s website, visitors can book the one-hour experience to play with a dozen adult golden retrievers.
“Play ball, snap photos, and cuddle on your way to having the best afternoon of your life!” the website reads.
Doug and Becca Worple own Golden Dog Farm. The two spent most of their careers at desk jobs in Cincinnati, Ohio.
During the pandemic, they decided they wanted a change. They picked up everything they had and moved to Vermont.
Now, the two run the farm, a vineyard, their own sugarhouse and collect honey from their beekeeping endeavors.
“I didn’t realize how much I’d love it,” Becca Worple said of the couple’s big life decision to move. “It’s so peaceful.”
The Golden Retriever Experience started in September and is now booked out for weeks, thanks to social media influencers.
The Worples posted a video of the experience on Instagram, which was then shared by a travel influencer for suggestions on what to do in Vermont during foliage season.
The Worples said that video blew up with millions of views, and before they knew it, the Golden Retriever Experience was sold out for weeks.
“The world is a bit of a heavy place right now. There’s a lot going on. And this is just an hour to step away from that,” Doug Worple said.
Visitors are even traveling from hours away to see the farm.
Caitlin Dermody, a teacher from Massachusetts, drove more than three hours to visit.
“I saw an Instagram video and just knew that we had to come. And I looked and they had a time slot on my day off, so it worked out,” Dermody said.
The dogs, however, don’t belong to the Worples. The Golden Retriever Experience is a collaboration between the couple and Butternut Goldens, a breeder nearby.
Dana Menne, who owns and operates Butternut Goldens, brings the dogs to Golden Dog Farm on his truck every weekend to play with the customers.
Guests described the experience with the dogs as “therapeutic,” “wholesome chaos” and “an explosion of happiness.”
Nicole Sasson, a visitor from Montreal, said she had the best time of her life.
“[It’s] an atmosphere of just happiness which is so, so, so cool. I’ve never experienced that before,” Sasson said.
Reviews on the farm’s website are also unanimously positive.
The Worples said they are almost sold out of the Golden Retriever Experience for the rest of the year, but they look forward to continuing it in 2024.
According to the website, the Golden Retriever Experience costs $75 per adult and $50 per child. You can book your spot here.
Golden Dog Farm also offers walking tours without the dogs. Guests can tour the vineyards, beekeeping areas, fruit orchards and more.
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