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World record for longest tongue on a living dog awarded to boxer in Illinois – NBC New York

If you thought your dog gave the slobberiest kisses, you haven’t met Rocky.
Rocky is a nine-year-old boxer from Bloomington, Illinois who was just named the world record holder for longest tongue on a living dog.
With a tongue measuring in at 5.47 inches, Rocky beat out the previous Guinness World Record holder, a Labrador/German Shephard mix named Zoey.
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Rocky’s owner, Crystal Williams said she always knew his tongue was super long but it wasn’t until other people started noticing it and strangers started pointing it out that she was assured that it wasn’t just her thinking that.
Williams didn’t know a world record for the longest tongue on a living dog existed until she saw it on a TV special. It was there that she saw the new record was between three and four inches. “Oh my gosh, I think we have a shot,” she said. “I gotta look into this.”
After a rigorous amount of paperwork and documentation, Guinness accepted Rocky’s application a few months later.
Guinness sent Rocky’s veterinarian, Dr.Bernard Bleem at Kruger Animal Hospital, specific requirements on how to measure his tongue. Rocky was put under anesthesia in order to measure from the end of his nose to the tip of his tongue and the official measurement was 13.8cm or just under 5.5 inches.

Williams said it’s just something fun and “to laugh at.” And to say, “Oh my gosh, look at his tongue,” she added.
Dr. Bleem said Rocky’s a great dog and “he really deserves this.”


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