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Watch: Wild Thang is officially the world's ugliest dog – BBC.com

After five tries, Wild Thang was finally crowned the world's ugliest dog.
The eight-year-old Pekingese took part in the 2024 Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California, for the World's Ugliest Dog competition.
He faced seven contenders – the majority are rescued dogs who came from shelters before finding their forever families.
Wild Thang, and his owner Ann Lewis, will receive $5,000 and appear on NBC's The Today Show.
A 14-year-old pug in a wheelchair named Rome came in second place and receives a prize of $3,000. It was Rome's first entry into the contest.
The cause of the fire remains under investigation, but officials say no injuries were reported.
Experts believe they've found the remains of a small jet that mysteriously vanished more than fifty years ago.
The US president's son has been found guilty on all charges in his federal gun trial. What do Americans think?
Bernd Debusmann Jr was inside the tense Delaware courtroom as the verdict was read out.
As jurors start to deliberate, Bernd Debusmann Jr reports from court on what is at stake for the president's son.
The BBC’s Carl Nasman doorstepped Hunter Biden on the same day jury deliberations began in his criminal trial.
A private helicopter pilot spotted the word spelled out with rocks and alerted the authorities.
Firefighters in Miami responded to one of the largest residential fires the city has seen in decades.
Video shows highway collapsed in Wyoming after landslide
Chaotic scenes took place at a rodeo in Sisters, Oregon, when an escaping bull leaped into the event's grounds.
Joe Biden spoke at the iconic site of Pointe Du Hoc near Normandy, where Ronald Reagan did the same in 1984.
Nasa’s Suni Williams and Butch Wilmore were welcomed with hugs and applause, after docking successfully.
Multiple people were taken to hospital for heat-related illness, as Phoenix saw its hottest day in 2024.
Paisley Toten was feeding a giraffe when the animal suddenly picked the two-year-old up from her T-shirt.
The rocket made it much further in its planned mission profile than on previous tests, splashing down in the Indian Ocean.
Scorching triple-digit temperatures have hit the south-west US two weeks before summer officially begins.
The spacecraft successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida with two astronauts on board on Wednesday.
It's a mistake to try to 'out-Republican the Republicans', one House member said about the executive action.
The BBC spoke to R Derek Black, once described as the “heir” to America’s white nationalist movement.
BBC meteorologist explains the potentially record-breaking heat wave hitting southwestern states.
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