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Vets warn dog breed is TWICE as aggressive as other pooches – The Sun

VETS have warned Brits of an unlikely breed of dog that is twice as aggressive as other pooches.
Canine experts say English Cocker Spaniels – a popular family dog – have prevalent levels of aggression.
A study of 2,318 of the dogs found aggression was in four percent of Cockers, compared with 2.2 percent of other dogs in the UK.
The dogs – traditionally bred for field sports like shooting – count the Prince and Princess of Wales and David Beckham as proud owners.
Experts also looked at the coat colour of more than 64 per cent of those studied to see if appearance influenced aggression.
The study found a golden coat to be the most boisterous, with aggression in 12 per cent of those studied.
Meanwhile 6.5 percent of red Cockers and 6.3 percent of black ones were seen to be aggressive.
Brown Cocker pups were the least aggressive, with scientists finding that just 4.3 percent were on the feisty side.
The stats, drawn from veterinary records from all over the UK, saw aggression ranked sixth in a list of disorders commonly experienced by the breed.
Top of that list was periodontal (gum) disease which effects over a fifth of all Cockers, leading to tooth loss.
Scientists say the figures support previous research that highlighted solid-coloured dogs are more likely to show signs of anger than bi-coloured and tri-coloured pooches.
Despite the findings, scientists are still unsure if there is any credible association between colour and aggression.
Pet expert, Zita Wells, of Pet Patrol 365 said: "Temperament in dogs is influenced by a combination of genetic factors, early socialisation experiences, training, and individual personality traits."
It comes as TikToker Klara Tsetkin was slammed for defending her decision to keep her cocker spaniel Bart after it mauled her daughter's face.
She said the dog "never attacked" Milana and had instead acted in self-defence.
And on Thursday it was revealed a six-year-old boy suffered "potentially life-changing" injuries after being mauled by an American Staffordshire terrier.
The dog, bought on Facebook marketplace just weeks before, attacked the lad as he walked down the stairs at home in South Yorkshire.
Meanwhile a dog expert has revealed the seven signs a dog is about to attack – including licking its lips and crouching close to the ground.
In February, Stacey Solomon revealed how she lets her Cocker Spaniel Teddy and Peanut the Dachshund sleep in her bed – saying she has to clean the sheets once a week as a result.
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