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Treasure Valley growth affects dog grooming businesses – Idaho News 6 Boise Twin Falls

NAMPA, Idaho — Local dog grooming buisness owner, Frances Stanley, has seen appointments be booked out by months because of demand.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)
“In Eagle I was booked out for about 4 to 5 months,” says Frances Stanely, owner of Doggie Stylin’ Grooming in Nampa.
Population growth is impacting appointment-based businesses across the Treasure Valley, including local pet groomers.
Frances Stanley started grooming in Star and Eagle before moving her business closer to home in Nampa.
“I actually lost most of my clients because it’s a longer commute which I understand, I didn’t take it personally,” she said.
But it didn’t take long for Stanley to secure new clients.
Her shop in downtown Nampa has been open since last December and she is already booking out three months in advance.
“It was just usually word of mouth, I had a friend that was already going to a groomer, I just asked if they know someone,” explained Nancy Toy, one of the groomed dogs’ humans.
One of the stylists I met has been grooming for seven years seeing a boom in demand for doodle breeds in the last five years. It’s one of their most common clients.
“We see a lot of them because of their appeal to the general public, or what the general public is told about them,” said Madison Lee, dog groomer.
The poodle cross-breeds are pitched as hypoallergenic, which isn’t exactly the case, and their combination coats actually require regular grooming.
“When you don’t do that their hair will begin to felt together underneath of what’s on top and it will create sort of sheepskin, or pelt, and the dog will have to be shaved for their comfort,” Lee continued.
Diesel is an Aussiedoodle. I asked his human why they wanted a doodle variety.
“Honestly my wife wanted it. I’ve always been a big Aussie fan and my wife didn’t want the hair so we compromised and went with the middle road,” said Sean Bengston, Diesel’s human.
Frances has regular returning clients from as far as Homedale and Emmett.
“They come to me because they trust me. When you’re working with someone’s pet, it’s like their child but there are a lot of people that haven’t had success in their local grooming areas so they’re willing to make the drive and commute out here just to make sure their dog as an appointment with someone they can trust,” Stanley concluded.
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