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Today's Total War Warhammer 3 patch has that large red Khorne dog you ordered, plus a new competitive multiplayer … – Rock Paper Shotgun

Ahead of tomorrow’s juicier DLC reveal
A corn dog is something I’ve never eaten, because they’re not really a thing in UK. I am morbidly curious about them, although I cannot ascertain their texture just by looking, which worries me. A Khorne dog, however, is a texturally simpler proposition. You can tell just by looking at today’s new legendary hero for strategy game Total War Warhammer 3 that he’d be quite difficult to chew, should you get to that point. Either way, the price is definitely easy to swallow – he’s completely free as part of today’s patch 5.1.0, which also brings substantial changes to multiplayer.

The headline items for the patch – which precedes a promised deep dive into the next DLC tomorrow – are mostly centered around multiplayer. First up, there’s the new competitive multiplayer Conquest Mode. They’re effectively land battles but with a single capture point in the middle of the map. “With the addition of a capture point that serves as an alternate win condition, we incentivise players to fight in the centre of the map,” reads the blog, with the aim of disincentivising cheese strats like corner camping.
Elsewhere, a series of new community and developer maps are being added to Domination mode, and the mode itself can now be played against AI, alongside some other tweaks and changes. Lords, for example, can no longer be summoned and unsummoned. I have a passing interest in domination mode, which is to say I like watching Turin cast games, so I’ll wait to hear his opinions so I can pass them off as my own.
Other changes include the Daemons of Chaos now being playable in quick battles, free-for-all battles now being playable against the AI, and the usual round of nerfs, buffs, UI updates, and general rebalances. Of note here is a change to Collision attacks so they apply full weapon strength damage, making chariots more useful. Also, they nerfed the Thunderbarge, praise the lord/that’s a grudging, depending on your allegiance. Make sure to pop back tomorrow when we should have some more details about the DLC. Ogres, Orcs, and Khorne are currently slated to be getting some new toys.
Creative Assembly themselves have come under fire recently from a former developer who took to Medium to allege a culture of mismanagement during his time there. As he takes time to say though, it’s clear the folks in the trenches are still dedicated to make their games as good as possible.
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