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Tips from Regina experts for pet owners during the cold snap – Global News Toronto

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Pet owners might want to consider a few tips from local experts with expertise on keeping your pets safe while they are out on their daily walks during this cold snap in the Prairies.
Miranda Michell, manager at Fella & Fetch Canine Care, says they still get the dogs out within their facility but for shorter periods of time.
“This time of year, when the temperatures drop, they obviously cannot be outside for such long periods of time,” Michell said. “Shorter walks are best.”
For dog owners who are not capable of taking their dog to a daycare, Michell recommends feeding your dog from a slow feeder and to join some training classes to learn things to practice at home, so the dog still gets the much-needed exercise.
“There are some dog puzzles that you can take advantage of. The mental stimulation can sometimes take over,” she said. “The physical stimulation when they can’t get outside a game of fetch inside is a wonderful opportunity. Throw a ball up and down the stairs to get some exercise.”
Michell says for dog owners who still choose to take their pets out for their walks, she recommends they wear dog winter jackets and most importantly, their feet should be covered.
Dog owner Sarah Currie uses Fella & Fetch Canine Care for her dog and says the facility is a “godsend.”
“It’s too cold to go outside for very long. So (my dog) can play here all morning and burn off some energy,” Currie said. “Then later in the day, I’ll maybe take him for a short half-an-hour walk…. (I use) a cream that I put on his feet to try and keep the moisture out of his feet and protect it.”
The general manager at Metro Pet Market warns pet owners to watch for signs of frostbite in their pets when they are exposed to the extreme cold weather temperatures.
“If they are picking up their paws, and they are kind of uncomfortable, they are sitting or standing trying to get their feet off the ground, it’s time to go in,” Katy Grunert said. “As soon as I start seeing that, it’s our indication it’s time to go home. I usually check the ears to see how cool they are to the hands.”
Winter gear for pets can be found at any local pet stores.
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