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This Influencer Couple Euthanized Their Dog & Made Some Really Disturbing Posts About It – Refinery29

FYI all dogs deserve the chance to be rehabbed for behavior issues…Rehomed or dropped at a rescue or trainer who helps dogs w bite or behavioral issues for fucks sake. Never put down bc UR embarrassed about being a bad dog owner.
How sick do you have to be to take a ✨photoshoot✨ with your “dangerously aggressive” dog knowing you’re about to end his life? Your dog is so aggressive but had no issues putting the baby next to it for a cure lil pre-murder photoshoot? pic.twitter.com/2jX9FfJywZ
I have a very temperamental dog. He bites people when he feels nervous, unsafe or if you try to touch him when he doesn’t want to be… I know these things because im his OWNER. Therefore I make sure he’s not in situations where he will react… I don’t kill him!


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