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These PH-made gifts make Christmas shopping easy for animal lovers – INQUIRER USA & CANADA

Gift guide: Locally made products for animal lovers and fur parents

Gift guide: Locally made products for animal lovers and fur parents | Photos from Gentle Paws PH, RandomSmiles, and Hello Furry PH

Gift guide: Locally made products for animal lovers and fur parents | Photos from Gentle Paws PH, RandomSmiles, and Hello Furry PH
Every year, the Christmas season takes the age-old saying “the more, the merrier” to new heights. This may not apply to jam-packed shopping centers where everyone’s on the quest for the best gifts and noche buena items, but it does ring true to the irreplaceable company of get-togethers and shared celebrations of gratitude that make Christmas one of the most awaited holidays of the year. 
You can’t talk about togetherness this Christmas without appreciating the priceless companionship of pets. They, too, deserve to have as much fun as our friends and loved ones do at holiday gatherings. We put Santa hats and reindeer antlers on them for family portraits (and potential Instagram stardom), but did you know that they can also be inspiration for Christmas presents? 
Nobody understands the life of a pet better than those who take care of one. We may have our own unique preferences that constitute the ideal Christmas gift, but for fur parents and animal lovers, nothing beats the simple joy of unwrapping tokens of appreciation for their beloved fur babies.
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Whether you’re spending Christmas with your pets as a tradition, preparing to adopt your first fur baby, or simply loving animals from afar, you can’t go wrong with these proudly Pinoy animal-themed products that also promote practicality and convenience in our everyday lives.
For the purr-petual organizers 
Photos from RandomSmiles/Instagram
Why they’ll love it: Planners are staples for New Year’s preparations, especially for anyone with a knack for jotting down their daily agenda down to the tiniest details. You can easily earn your own planner every year after spending months gathering enough coffee shop stickers, but these hardbound organizers add the personal touch of your pets’ hand-drawn portraits on their covers. With one of these journals on hand, you can carry your pets’ warm smiles everywhere you go while staying motivated to accomplish every task on your to-do lists. 
Bonus: Random Smiles’ planners and journals come with freebies that include writing devices to fill the notebooks up. The shop participated at this year’s MeowCon Cat Show and Convention in Pasig City, where they drew live portraits of guests’ pet cats. Their pet drawings also decorate mugs and tote bags. 
Where to cop it: Random Smiles by Christelle Taquis (Send them a message)
For the candle collectors
Photo from Myra & Kids Potted Scented Candles/Facebook
Why they’ll love them: If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that captures your personality, freshens up your home, and resembles your fur babies all in one, then these scented paw print candles are right up your alley. These home decor staples come in multiple colors and fragrances, including lavender, fresh bamboo, eucalyptus, and peppermint, to name a few. 
Bonus: These paw print candles go best with the shop’s succulent-inspired ones, which cover a variety of intricate and detailed plant- and flower-shaped candles with the same scents.  
Where to cop them: Myra & Kids Potted Scented Candles
For the pet lifestyle enthusiasts
Photos from Gentle Paws PH/Instagram
Why they’ll love it: Fur parents and animal lovers know the challenges of finding and buying the best products for their pets’ health. Just like parenthood, taking care of one pet is already a major commitment, which only gets increasingly daunting the more pets fill your home. These pet shampoo variations by Gentle Paws can give your fur babies the perfect spa treatment at home. With three fresh scents to choose from—summer breeze, ocean dream, and spring bloom—these shampoos can turn your pets’ regular bath days into pamper sessions that will leave their coats soft and nourished.
Bonus: Besides shampoo, the brand offers other products for pet hygiene, such as organic dental wipes and plant-based mouthwash.
Where to cop it: Gentle Paws PH
For the certified paw-shionistas
Photos from Hello Furry PH/Instagram
Why they’ll love them: Pets are extensions of their owners. What better way to flaunt their character than with these Christmas-themed outfits? Pet costumes always crank the cuteness factor up a few notches, and Hello Furry PH’s Christmas Cloak Set and Santa Hat Set are no exception. From tiny bonnets to warm scarves and wrap-arounds, these crocheted pieces will make your fur baby the brightest star at the party. 
Bonus: The brand sells various crocheted pieces by senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Their online shop has non-Christmas pet clothes and accessories, too—from food-themed sets like breakfast and doughnuts, to other occasions like Halloween
Where to cop them: Hello Furry PH
For the gamers and cool kids at heart
Photos from Ollie Bowls/Instagram
Why they’ll love them: Enjoy playtime with your pet in style with these plush toys that resemble a video game console, keyboard, and headset. Ollie Bowls’ Play Toys series combines active fun with virtual adventures through their Game Bone, Alloy Keybark Gaming Keyboard, and Cloud Arfa Gaming Headset. Step into your favorite video game worlds and channel your inner hero and sidekick with your loyal companion.
Bonus: Ollie Bowls’ online shop has a wide range of pet toys with distinct personalities and characteristics tailored to your pets’ preferences and virtually all animal lovers. If gaming isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps you’d like their puff pastry or avocado toast plush toys. 
Where to cop them: Ollie Bowls
For fur parents with green thumbs
Photo from Akkula Ph/Instagram
Why they’ll love it: The Eco-friendly Paw Box by Akkula PH is a gift that offers both substance and sustainability. The package includes all-natural and non-toxic pet care products and toys for the planet, such as a dog nose and paw protection balm and odor remover. The all-in-one Paw Box incorporates usefulness and sentimental value into a gift that serves as every animal lover’s dream Christmas gift. 
Bonus: You can pair the Eco-friendly Paw Box with any of the brand’s vegan lip balms.
Where to cop it: Akkula PH on Facebook and Instagram
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