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South Korea: Dog meat still on the menu in Seoul… for now – BBC.com

The slaughter and sale of dogs for their meat is set to become illegal in South Korea – but there's a generational divide in the country over the decision.
Watch Seoul correspondent Jean Mackenzie's report from one of the few places in the capital where you can eat the delicacy.
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Video shows a wrecked cabin after "passengers did somersaults" when severe turbulence hit the plane.
Footage shows injured passengers, items strewn across the floor and oxygen masks dangling.
Jerry, who was flying to his son's wedding, says it was the worst day of his life.
A passenger injured by severe turbulence is carried off flight SQ321 at Bangkok airport.
India's general election, the world's largest democratic exercise, is a long, colourful and visual affair.
Hundreds were killed in recent flooding in Afghanistan, which saw homes swept away and roads destroyed.
The BBC got to see just how easy it is to create a fake phone call between two people.
A family in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh shares its experience of living on government welfare schemes.
More than 100 people turn up at a welfare camp in West Bengal state to apply for government benefits.
A construction worker in the state of Madhya Pradesh is a beneficiary of India's rural housing scheme.
The patriotic anthem released in April describes Kim Jong Un as "warm-hearted" and "friendly".
YouTuber Sham Sharma talks about the positives and perils of sharing his views online.
The BBC’s Jonathan Head witnessed a confrontation in the disputed South China Sea.
A tornado that hit China's Guangdong province killed five people and left dozens injured.
A job crisis in India is forcing thousands of young men to move to conflict-torn Israel in search of work.
Take a look at India's first underwater metro in the eastern city of Kolkata.
The footage shows a mid-air collision during a military parade rehearsal in Lumut, Malaysia.
Seven people have been killed and 21 injured after a race car ploughed into spectators in Sri Lanka.
The country’s south has been battered by heavy rainfall, with tens of thousands of people evacuated.
Hundreds of people have been evacuated as Mount Ruang continues to erupt for the second day.
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