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Social media lights up with images of Manitoba sun dogs – Global News

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This article is more than 6 years old and some information may not be up to date.
They are not a new phenomenon, but it sure seems like sun dogs have become a more common occurrence in the skies over Manitoba.
So much so that pictures of them are showing up all over the internet.
What are they exactly and why do they happen? Global News weather specialist Mike Koncan said they are a weather event resulting from cold dry conditions.
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Sun dogs happen only in dry weather, when ice crystals in the air refract sunlight.  If there had been more moisture in the air, we’d have seen snowflakes instead of sun dogs.
They can happen at night as well, when moon light refracts off ice crystals in the air. However, they would then more correctly be called ‘moon dogs’.
PHOTO GALLERY: Check out shots of the sun dogs and moon dogs sent in to Global Winnipeg.
Koncan said although it may seem like we’re seeing more of them, it is hard to say for sure — the frequency of sun dogs is not something Environment Canada tracks.
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With cold dry conditions forecast to last for several days yet, expect to see more sun dogs in and around Winnipeg, and more pictures on Instagram.
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