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'She likes to be loud with television': Bella the cat breaks record for … – USA TODAY

She likes food, cuddles and television.
If you participate all three laid-back activities with the lazy lady, you\’ll need to turn the TV volume up.
Bella, a 14-year-old cat from Cambridgeshire, England, recently broke the Guinness World Record for loudest purr by a domestic living cat.
The meowy moggy, owned by Nicole Spink, recently registered a purr measuring 54.59 decibels, according to the world record-holding title agency.
Per Guinness, that\’s the equivalent sound to a kettle boiling.
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Bella lives with Spink in Huntingdon, a market town in the Huntingdonshire district of Cambridgeshire, and her owner told Guinness her senior \”lazy\” cat purrs all day long.
\”If there’s food around, or cuddles, she always purrs,\” Spink told GWS. “Also when watching TV − she likes to be loud with television. My late husband used to always moan about the sound of her purr blocking the sound of the TV in the evenings.”
So Spinks decided to test their theory. She and her daughter (Bella\’s human sister) downloaded an app on their phone which recorded Bella’s purr. Guinness measured the purr, and Bella\’s vocals claimed the win.
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On the day of the official attempt, according to Guinness, Spink was worried Bella would not purr before \”an audience.\”
\”She\’s a stubborn little old lady, and she does how she pleases,\” human mom told Guinness. \”It is very much Queen Bella\’s world.\”
But it didn\’t take much to get her unique vocals rumbling with content.
Just a bowl of her favorite Whiskas cat food.
Natalie Neysa Alund is a senior reporter for USA TODAY. Reach her at and follow her on X @nataliealund.


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