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Roxboro woman filmed hitting dogs arrested, charged with animal cruelty in Virginia – WRAL News

A North Carolina woman is facing animal cruelty charges in Virginia after a video appeared to show her striking dogs at a grooming and pet care store.
According to the Danville Police Department, officers received a tip of prior animal abuse at a pet grooming store on Hairston Street in Danville.

In the complaint, a video showed the employee, identified as 22-year-old Cassidy Gill, striking a dog in January and February. The video in the complaint was shared with other social media accounts, including PETA.
“We share the videos online to warn the public that this can be happening to their dogs during something as simple as a nail trim,” Colin Henstock with PETA said.
Sra Junuzovic, a dog owner in Raleigh, said the video had her thinking twice about what happens when she takes her dog to the groomer.
“I see a lot of impatience,” she said after watching the video. “[It’s] not good for the pet industry.”
Henstock, who works in PETA’s cruelty investigation department, said owners should be in the room when groomers are servicing their pets, not just for their pet’s comfort, but to ensure groomers treat their pets respectfully.
“We urge animal guardians to never leave their animals side and stay with them throughout the grooming process,” he said.
Gill was arrested on Friday and charged with animal cruelty in Danville. According to Henstock, GIll could be charged in North Carolina as well.

If Gill is convicted, she could serve a year in jail or pay a $2,500 fine. Additionally, Gill could also be prohibited from having companion animals.
WRAL News reached out to Gill and her employer about the charges and are waiting to hear back.


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