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Questions Swirl as Aaron Gordon Steps Away From Nuggets After "Family Dog" Bites Face and Hand – Westword

Attacked by the family dog? Probably has to be put down…
Look, we all know Aaron Gordon got bit in the face and hand by a dog and will remain away from the team.

Here's what we wanna know:

1. Who's dog was it: his, a friend's, or a stranger?

2. Was it a pit, a rotty, a German, a poodle, who dun it?

3. Is he going to need therapy?
So all Dog bites in Colorado must be reported within 12 hours

Aaron Gordon suffered the dog bite on 12/25 but the Nuggets released the injury report on 12/27? Why the two day delay when it was reported on 12/26?

They did just return to practice today but I’m monitoring this 🤔 pic.twitter.com/zyKLOoXp2T
By Catie Cheshire
By Michael Roberts
By Chris Perez
By Patricia Calhoun


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