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Poppy the Puppy's first year: Food aggression – KARE11.com

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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – We’re following Poppy the puppy’s first year with her new family.
Kathryn Newman of Augusta Dog Training has some training tips for raising a puppy with good manners.
Puppies love to steal personal items and, without proper training and handling, may become aggressive when their owner attempts to take a bone for food bowl from them.
Saturday’s topic was preventing food aggression. The "trade" command helps dog owners teach their puppy to safely trade.
1. Start early by petting your puppy when they are eating. Add high value treats to their food dish while they are eating. This will result in the puppy not feeling threatened by your presence. They will perceive your approach as a positive, not a negative.
2. Require a sit-stay to earn their meal. The sit-stay quells impulsive behavior and puts you in control.
3. Teach Trade: start with a high value treat. That means a treat that is much more exciting than their food or bone.
a. With the treat in your hand and your puppy on leash, place the treat right under their nose and lead them away from the food dish using the treat as a lure and the leash as a guide.
b. Repeat multiple times per meal but do not over train.
c. Say the word "trade" as you are luring the pup away from the food bowl.
d. With time and training you will be able to interrupt your puppy’s eating by saying “trade.” The pup will stop eating and look for your treat. At this point pick up the bone or bowl.
5. Over time you can use the command "trade" when your puppy steals socks, stuffed animals or other forbidden items around the house.
6. Instead of chasing or yelling at your pup, simple command "trade." The pup will drop the stolen item.
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