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Opinion | Rescue dogs are no more aggressive than other canines – The Washington Post

clockThis article was published more than 6 years ago
The Nov. 19 Metro article “Suit says dog was more than property” emphasized twice that the Labrador-mix puppy involved in the tragic death of a teacup Yorkie was a rescue: “The Labrador, a rescue, was screened before it came to Wagtime and never displayed aggressive behavior, she said. After the incident, the dog was evaluated by a canine-behavior specialist who also found no sign of violence in the rescue dog.” A reader could infer from this that rescue dogs are more likely to be aggressive and prone to violent and antisocial behavior than purchased, purebred dogs. That’s just not true. It’s highly unlikely that the fact that one of the dogs was a rescue was a factor in what happened at the District’s Wagtime Too.
Dogs, like people, have different personalities and traits and get along with other dogs in varying ways. My personal experience has taught me that rescue dogs are usually more likely to get along well with other dogs and with humans.
Marion Herz, Bethesda
The writer is a volunteer at the
Montgomery County Humane Society.


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