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Minnesota woman finds long-lost dog after seeing picture printed on beer can – Global News

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This article is more than 4 years old and some information may not be up to date.
One Minnesota woman did everything she could to find her lost dog. She hardly expected to spot her on a beer can three years later.
Monica Mathis was living in Iowa in 2017 when she left her beloved terrier mix, Hazel, on a leash in the front yard of her home, according to Saint Paul, Minn., station KSTP-TV. When she came back to get her, Hazel was gone.
“She was an escape artist; she was very good at getting loose,” Mathis told WWSB. “Bolting right through the door. Knocking me over just to get out the door.”
After looking for days and calling shelters, all hope seemed to be lost, especially when she moved to Minnesota.
Years passed, and while Mathis was killing time on the internet, she spotted a promotion by Florida brewery Motorworks Brewing.
The company features adoptable dog photos on their four-packs of beer cans, and one of them, to Mathis’s surprise, looked exactly like Hazel, only named Day Day.
“‘Oh my gosh, that looks like my dog, I think that’s my dog,’” Mathis told KSTP, remembering her first thoughts when she saw the photo.
“I really thought she was gone, I never thought I’d see her again,” Mathis told Fox13. “I had a doubt, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it looks like her, but is it really her?”
However, making the discovery was just the first step in getting her four-legged friend back. She had to prove to the shelter that this dog was really her Hazel.
“I sent everything I could find — all the pictures so I could stop an adoption process from happening because I could’ve lost her again,” Mathis told KSTP.
“I was amazed, I was crying. An emotional wreck.”
The non-profit Friends of Manatee County Animal Services will be funding Hazel’s journey back to her mom, according to Fox 13.

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