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Meet Thermonator, a flame-throwing robot dog with 30-foot range being sold by Ohio company – USA TODAY

An Ohio company has created what it describes as “the first-ever flamethrower-wielding robot dog.” And its name is the Thermonator.
Throwflame, a Cleveland-based company known for making and selling flamethrowers, says the Thermonator can shoot flames up to 30 feet, has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, and a one-hour battery life, according to reporting by the Akron Beacon Journal, part of the USA TODAY Network.
So if you find yourself in need of a flame-throwing robot dog, it’ll cost you.
Here’s what we know about the product, including how much it is.
Could the Thermonator help you survive an apocalypse?
Throwflame says their invention is “ready for anything.” The Thermonator can remotely deliver streams of fire, use lidar mapping for elevation data, has laser sights and is able to avoid obstacles, according to the company.
The company claims the product can help control and prevent wildfires and be used for ecological conservation but hasn’t explained how. It can also be used for snow and ice removal, the company says.
The Thermonator is listed at $9,420.
Folks aren’t 100% sold on Thermonator, writing on X about the dangers that may come from putting a robotic dog and flamethrower together. Especially, since they are available for purchase to members of the public.
Others have been cracking jokes, poking fun at the gadget.
The answer is a little complicated.
Flamethrowers are legal everywhere except Maryland. They are considered a destructive device, meaning that the explosive material, incendiary material, or toxic material in question is “capable of inflicting injury to persons or damage to property,” according to Maryland’s law.
And in California, possession of a flamethrower designed to propel its burning stream 10 feet or more requires a permit from the state fire authority, according to CNN.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives previously said that there is no “regulatory function” connected with the purchase and possession of flamethrowers, CNN reported.
It’s best to look into what your state’s regulations are on flamethrowers before you commit to purchasing the Thermonator or any other fire-producing gadgets.


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