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Meet the new oldest dog in the world, according to Guinness; he lives right here in our area – WHIO


PREBLE COUNTY — A local dog is celebrating his 24th birthday, making him the oldest dog in the world.
As News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott reported at 5:30 p.m. the Preble County Chihuahua “Spike” has been named the World’s Oldest Dog for a second time.
Spike is 24 years old, but in dog years he would be around 130 years old.
Last December Spike was named the World’s Oldest Dog by the Guinness Book of World Records, but was dethroned.
“We didn’t feel bad when he got beat out a year ago, and this other dog came forward,” Joseph Kimball, Spike’s owner said.
Bobi became the oldest dog at 31 years old but died last month.
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So Guinness asked for proof that Spike was still alive.
His owner sent a photo of Spike and a recent newspaper to show he is still kicking.
Now Spike is once again the title holder.
“It can happen at a moment’s notice, Spike could pass it on before that, but he’s healthy,” Kimball said.
The old timer has been through many fights to still be here.
“He’s been through a pit bull attack, a coyote attack,” Kimball said. “One time he only had like 10 percent chance to live and survive.”
>> PHOTOS: Spike the Chihuahua celebrates his 23rd birthday
But at 24 he is healthy, prefers to be outside and loves to eat.
The only thing, he can’t see.
“He’ll go off to the side and stare at an object and just stand there and bark, but we still love him,” Kimball said.
He said he knows the secret to Spike’s long life.
“He’s got it made you know,” Kimball said. “He’s not neglected by no means so.”
The hope is that Guinness sends Spike another plaque but his owners are just looking forward to celebrating his birthday.
Spike the Chihuahua A Preble County Chihuahua hit a huge milestone today —his 23rd birthday!
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