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Meet Brutus, the ‘beauty’ terminally ill dog in Regina looking for 1,000 pets – Global News Toronto

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“I figured the best way to give him his proper farewell is to share him with the world.”
That from Kelly Yahnke, a Regina dog owner hoping to give his dog Brutus the best experience with what little time he has left.
Brutus is a five-year-old Rottweiler who has terminal cancer, and Yahnke brings him into the Pet Valu at Southland Mall with the goal of getting Brutus 1,000 pets.
“So I’m just trying to make the best of his time that he’s got now,” Yahnke said.
Brutus was diagnosed with terminal cancer in his lymph nodes just two weeks ago. Yahnke said he noticed Brutus’s lymph nodes were swollen about a month ago, but said an earlier diagnosis wouldn’t have made a difference on the outcome.
“The cancer is through pretty much most of his body already, so he has a very short time left.”
Yahnke describes Brutus as “a beauty,” and a great dog who loves people and kids.
Brutus was a gift to Yahnke from one of his friends after his previous Rottweiler Diego also died from lymphoma.
“He’s been here in my life and my family ever since.”
He said Brutus has already started to lose weight, noting he won’t let him suffer once he starts to see him deteriorate.
Yahnke said he’s also looking to raise some money for at-home euthanasia.
Shae Van Steelandt, store manager of Pet Valu, said she loves pets, adding that this was something they could do that she holds near and dear to her heart.
“It’s just nice to have him around. We just love animals, we want to do what we can for him while he’s still here,” Van Steelandt said.
She said everyone who comes in loves him, saying Brutus is a very sweet dog and some people have been coming in specifically for him.
Yahnke said the inevitable day when he has to put Brutus down will be sad, but he’s not focusing on that right now.
“It’ll be hard, but I’ll deal with that moment when it comes. I know dogs feed off the energy from their owners.”
He said he noticed some of his sadness around the situation was starting to affect Brutus, so he’s holding off to try and give Brutus the best days he has left.
Yahnke said Pet Valu opening its doors to him and Brutus meant the world to him.
“A place out of the cold, in the warmth, to share him with the world, it’s the best send-off a guy could ever give his dog.
“He’s my best friend. I’ll truly miss him when it’s time.”
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