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Mac Mondays, Decadent Burgers And More: Msida's Love Bites Brings Decadent Food To Your Plate – Lovin Malta

By Julian Beacom

One Msida restaurant looks like it is going be the new haven to satisfy your craving for burgers, hot dogs, mac’n’cheese and more.
Having first opened in 2018, Love Bites has risen to further prominence as their social media presence exploded with mouth-watering photos of the various items on their menu.
Alongside a plethora of fitting puns to add to the eggcellent images (pun intended), the images themselves are a feast for the eyes on their own. The image above, known as ‘The Louvre’ easily offers an idea of the delicious food you can expect from their food.
Yet, if burgers are not your style and you are craving something else, then their range of hot dogs are certainly something you may like.
Each hot dog offers a varied array of flavours and tastes, alongside fun names like The Trump. Fortunately (or unfortunately… if that’s your thing?) the hot dog does not look like the former President, nor does it seem to be intended to be inspired by him in all but name.
Also, if you happen to want something cheesy? Do enjoy one of their mac’n’cheeses to kick off your week with a cheesy start. Each of their mac’n’cheeses also boasts unique toppings and flavours that look to keep you craving for more.
This can all be topped off with some thick, gooey cookies including lotus, marshmallow, double chocolate and Reeces.
The pandemic has introduced a culture of regular takeaways for countless people across the island. Taking advantage of the numerous delivery services available in Malta, we have enjoyed a delicious variety of restaurants to give our own kitchens a break.
Now delivering across Malta via Wolt, should you ever need a new restaurant to try after going through your usual picks for the week? Love Bites looks like it will be something to keep on your watch list.
Have you tried Love Bites? Let us know!
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