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Las Vegas dog grooming business provides free cuts for homeless dog owners – Fox 5 Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Southern Nevada’s summer heat can be deadly for pets that live outside.
That is why Punky Pets Pawlor provides free grooming of matted dogs for homeless pet owners.
“During the summer here it’s extremely hot, so it can increase their chances of having a heat stroke,” said Punky Pets Pawlor Manager Brandy Glasgow.
Glasgow says matted fur acts like a blanket with no air circulating to a dog’s body.
“It’s just like wearing a fur coat outside. A really dense fur coat that you can’t get off of you ever,” said Glasgow.
Glasgow says she works with other groups, such as the Animal Foundation, to help the homeless deal with grooming their dogs.
“Through The KEPPT program we help people who are low income and also living unhoused, where people can call the KEPPT program at the Animal Foundation and they’ll provide a voucher for grooming if the dog needs grooming and they aren’t able to afford it themselves,” said Glasgow.
Punky Pets Pawlor also works with Street Dogz, a non-profit which not only helps with grooming for low-income and homeless people, but also helps with pet food and supplies, boarding, medical care for animals, among other services.
Glasgow says she does free pet grooming events on the first Saturday of every month at the Care Complex located at 200 Foremaster Lane, Las Vegas.
Glasgow says people can also donate to help pay for grooming for those unable to afford services.
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