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Jeremy Kyle guest slips up and reveals shocking truth about love bite – The Mirror

Dominic had a ‘mystery love bite’ on his neck and his fiancee believe he was cheating
A Jeremy Kyle guest slipped up on today's show and and revealed the shocking truth about his love bite.
Zoe, 22, wanted to find out whether it was herself or her friend who gave her fiancé the "mystery love bite".
She believed Dominic, 31, was cheating with Sheree and wanted to find out the truth with the help of a lie detector test.
However, viewers were more interested in the fact that two girls were fighting over Dom the 'player'.
Sheree stormed on stage shouting and swearing and had to be held back by security.
Defending his fiancee Zoe, Dom shouted: "You ought to calm down and get back in your kennel."
Zoe admitted the sex "wasn't what it used to be" because Dom couldn't "get it up" for the last two nights.
She then slammed Sheree for taking her "top up" which led to some confusion.
Jeremy said: "Oh you’re talking about your phone. I thought she pulled you top up and goes both ways."
Sheree, who met Dom through her ex, said she wouldn’t touch him "with a 10ft barge pole".
And he argued that he wouldn't cheat because he's a roman Catholic, before claiming "stress and strain" caused his bad performance in the bedroom.
He said that his drunk fiancée gave him the love bite after coming home from a party, but the test said he was a lying.
He lied about having sexual intercourse with another woman and sexual contact with Sheree.
But the audience was left stunned when full details of the truth were revealed.
Jeremy said: "What did you say to my aftercare lady Steph, who I won’t put on camera. Let me just give you this quote. Do you know what he said to her love, ‘I would never go near her – again’. And then he realised he’d messed up.
For your information, before you start dissing this, the biggest reaction you gave on the lie detector wass ‘have you ever had sexual contact with Sheree’ – off the scale. So take your lies and shove them where the sun don’t shine."
The Jeremy Kyle Show viewers took to Twitter in amazement that two women wanted Dominic.
One viewer said: "They are fighting over THAT? Seriously Oh good god. #jeremykyle"
Another added: "They're no oil paintings but they're fighting over THAT? #JeremyKyle"
A third said: "Jesus Christ! You think you know what UGLY is then 'Dominic' comes on #JeremyKyle"
* The Jeremy Kyle show airs weekdays on ITV at 9.25am
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