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IN PHOTOS: Hoar frost blankets Alberta trees… and dogs – Global News

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This article is more than 7 years old and some information may not be up to date.
From extreme cold to record-breaking heat, Alberta’s January weather has us all talking. Now this weekend, after a moderate cool down in humid conditions, a blanket of hoar frost has covered much of central and northern Alberta.
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Global News meteorologist Peter Quinlan says hoar frost occurs when soft ice crystals form on any object that has cooled below the freezing mark. It can sometimes be so thick that it looks like snow.
The water vapour in the below-freezing air condenses directly to ice when cooled on contact with cool surfaces.
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Hoar frost typically forms in extremely moist air masses.
Since Saturday, the City of Edmonton has had a relative humidity of between 92 and 95 per cent.
Check out what some talented photographers have captured (below), showcasing the chilling allure we’re experiencing in the province.
Fences, trees and shrubs aren’t the only surfaces hoar frost can grow on. Stay warm pooches, stay warm.
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