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I was bitten my XL Bully while having sex – then my girlfriend called the cops – The US Sun

AN XL Bully owner has told how he won’t let cops put his beloved pet down – after it bit him while he was having sex with his girlfriend.
Scott Thurston, 32, was attacked by hound Hank while in bed with his partner Leanne Bell in Glanaman, Wales on August 2.
Worried mum Leanne immediately called police as Mr Thurston attempted to muzzle the dog in the garden, Llanelli Magistrates court heard.
Cops then seized Hank on August 19 – and an order was made today that the dog be destroyed, reports MailOnline.
But Mr Thurston says he is determined to stop that from happening, and has said he will launch an appeal.
The court heard Ms Bell and Mr Thurston had been having sex when he suffered bites to his arm and chin.
Police bodycam footage shows Ms Bell telling cops: “I've got four kids, I love the dog, but I can't have him around my kids.”
Frederick Lewendon, for the police, told the court there had been "a real potential for the incident to be far worse".
He warned that "next time it might not be a small bite” and that “it might be to one of the children".
Representing Mr Thurston, Ian Birch, told how Mr Thurston, wished his dog to safely returned to the home as there had been "no previous incidents".
But Magistrates issued a destruction order for the dog – on the basis that it was “dangerous” for it to live with four young kids.
A pal of Mr Thurston last night slammed the decision on his behalf on a Facebook group – and told how he is determind to overturn the decision.
He wrote: “Not the news we wanted to share… there is room for an appeal and we will update further once Scott has had time to discuss further with the legal team.”
Mr Thurston raised the money for his legal fees through the group – called 'Hank seized not BSL'
Mr Thurston and his partner Leanne Bell declined to comment as they left court.
It comes as XL Bully owners have just two weeks to ensure their dogs are legal – or face having them seized.
From December 31 the hounds must be microchipped, muzzled and kept on a lead in public and it will be illegal to breed, sell or abandon them.
Advertising, gifting and exchanging the mutts will also be outlawed and they must be kept in a secure place to prevent escape, the Government says.
Owners have been reminded that they can ask a vet to euthanize their pets and claim £200 compensation.
This has to be done at a registered vet by January 31, 2024, and to get compensation you must apply by March 15.
If you want to keep your Bully after the ban, you must apply for a Certificate of Exemption which will cost £92.40.
Owners have until January 31, 2024, to do this.


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