Multiple Cats in a House

How to Manage Multiple Cats in a House?

Multiple Cats in a House

It is a common sight to see two or more cats in a cat household. Also, owning multiple cats can be fun and exciting, if the cats get along. But if they don’t,  you will see them engaging in skirmishes for even the smallest things.

Cats fight mainly because they have territorial instincts like most animals. Arguments can occur if both cats feel a need to defend their territory.

In this blog, you will see seven effective tips that will help you to make your cats live together peacefully.

Here are those,

  • Have Multiple Food & Water Bowls

Cats equate their food with survival and they have an innate drive to guard and protect their food. This is why if you have two or more cats in your house, you need to keep multiple food bowls and water dispensers. This will significantly reduce conflict between the cats and also make them eat peacefully. If possible, try to place the bowls in two different areas so that there is the least chance of any disturbance.

  • Increase Vertical Space

Even if you live in a small household, you can give your cats a lot of space to move and explore by taking advantage of vertical space. As cats love climbing, they prefer to sit at a height so that they can survey their surroundings from high lookout points. This is why you might have noticed why cats love to jump on elevated areas like Almirahs and Fridge. You can also consider placing a perch or a scratching cardboard near your windows, where your cats can sit peacefully and sleep too.

  • Provide Enough Exercise

Most house cats are not active at the level they should be. Apart from excessive weight gain, lack of exercise can cause pent-up energy that erupts in the form of aggression. Make time for at least 30 minutes of playing with your cats daily. Regular play sessions are vital for your cat’s physical health and also soothe their pent-up energy. Also, playing with your cats boosts your bond with them and builds strong relationships with one another as well.

  • Give Each of Them a Private Spot

Cats are solitary animals by nature, so it isn’t natural for them to live with other cats. Although you may have seen stray cats eating together, they make their own space where they can be alone. If you have multiple cats at home, you can consider creating a hiding space for them throughout their house where they can feel safe to relax and sleep.

Also, it would be great if you could provide a cat bed for each cat for resting and sleeping. They also love cardboard boxes and window shelves, which allow them to retreat.

  • Rule Out Health Problems

If things were going well in your multi-cat household, but then you saw a sudden change in their behaviour, it could well be a health issue, You should also know that cats are good at hiding the signs of any illness, although you can somewhat figure it out by observing a change in their behaviour. Just like how pain and discomfort can make you feel agitated, it can cause irritability and anger in cats too. A cat who stops using her litter box could be in pain too.

  • Try Using Catnip Toys

Catnip toys are one of the popular toys among both cat lovers and cat owners. These are toys that are infused with a herb called catnip, which has tremendous benefits for cats. These herbs induce feelings of happiness, affection, playfulness, activity etc. You can offer these toys to your cats whenever they are about to get hostile with each other. Catnip toys also reduce undesirable behaviour in cats caused by excessive energy.

  • Consult a Cat Behaviourist

If you are still struggling with your cat’s behaviour, consider consulting a cat behaviourist. They can help you identify subtle points you may have missed, work out family dynamics, and also suggest tips to help your cats settle in together.

You can also ask your vet to recommend a cat behaviourist and ensure that you are getting someone who has the correct experience and qualifications to treat your cat.

Final Note

Maintaining peace and harmony in a multi-cat household is tricky, but it can be done. Remember that there are cats who like being alone and don’t generally enjoy the company of fellow cats. Yet, these 7 tips will tremendously help you to keep a comfortable home for yourself and your beloved furry friends.

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