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Hot Tips for a Healthier Happier Dog!


Is it just me, or did May fly by in the blink of an eye?

As we approach the summer months, I wanted to share a few health and longevity tips so you can spend more time going on adventures instead of solving medical issues for your beloved dogs. 

But first, let me share a moment I had with a customer the other day.

I don’t log into our customer care phone system often, but on that day, I did, and the phone rang, so I answered it. 

For privacy reasons, I will call the client, Linda.

She shared that for many years, her dog has had an inflammatory bowel disease and hemorrhagic colitis, and GutSense has really been helping. 

We had a lovely chat, and I realized how much I missed practice but also how upsetting it is to hear that dogs are routinely prescribed prednisone and other side-effect-causing drugs while other safer options work well.


I love seeing you empowered and navigating the rough waters of medical decisions with confidence! 

Here are some exciting topics you can learn about today: 

  • Dementia, Alzheimers and memory loss prevention in both dogs and in people
  • The role of Rapamycin in cancer treatment and prevention with Dr. Kevin Toman
  • Hormone-sparing sterilization and what to do if your dog has already been spayed and neutered and is suffering chronic issues from hormone deficiency
  • Laser therapy and how you can learn to use one at home and that is all for today 🐾 🐶
  • 5 And finally, the last news. In May, we have launched JointButter, our new joint and mobility formula 

Five years in the making, I am thrilled about this new addition to our lineup because it was so needed. 

It is a blend of 15 natural, wholesome ingredients fermented and delivered in a coconut and oil blend for added benefits. 

But instead of sharing all the details here, check the science and research behind the ingredients here.

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