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Functional Foods, Custom Giftables and Much More Set to Trend in Pet Gifts for 2024 – Gifts & Decorative Accessories

Adelaide Elliott //Associate Editor//December 14, 2023
Functional Foods, Custom Giftables and Much More Set to Trend in Pet Gifts for 2024
Big Hum Pug and Bulldog in PJs Ornaments. Joy to the World. joytotheworldonline.com
Pet owners across the United States are spending more on their fur family than ever, despite rising costs across all product categories.
Adelaide Elliott //Associate Editor//December 14, 2023
As of 2023, 66 percent of U.S. households, or about 86.9 million families, own a pet, according to the 2023-2024 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association. That percentage is up from 56 percent of households in 1988, the survey’s first year, but down from its 2021-2022 survey as the pandemic era caused a spike in pet ownership. Per a 2022 report on pet ownership costs from pet sitting platform Rover, 36 percent of pet parents stated that the cost of a pet deterred them from getting one in the first place or has dissuaded them from getting an additional pet. Despite these rising costs, Americans who made the leap into pet parenthood will still splurge on products that better align with their values and will prioritize pet care in their spending.
On the human gifting side, pet lovers will continue to want to show off their animal companions, making personalized pet-themed gifts a favorite for every kind of pet owner.
Often coupled with funny phrases or anecdotes about pet ownership, tea towels, magnets, home décor pieces, mugs, ornaments and more that offer personalization options — with space available for pet owners to fill in their pet’s name or even add their pet’s photo — will gain ground across all giftable categories. Gifts that offer a variety of pet types including more exotic pets like snakes, lizards and birds, along with a variety of cat colorations and dog breeds, in their designs will continue to gain popularity, too.
Keeping in step with human health consciousness trends, pet lovers are increasingly concerned about the wellness of their animal companions, and they will buy accordingly in 2024.
Despite added costs, 54 percent of dog parents in Rover’s True Cost of Pet Parenthood study noted that they prioritize nutritious and fresh ingredients for their dog’s food, and another 28 percent favor “green” and eco-friendly pet products. In reaction to “pandemic puppies” and other pets who are having a difficult time adjusting to pet parents who are getting out of the house again, products aimed at tackling pet anxiety are in higher demand, with 60 percent of pet parents in Rover’s survey having purchased soothing and enrichment toys and calming treats for their pets in the past. Treats with pet-approved levels of CBD are also becoming more sought after to help keep their furry friends calm during storms, fi reworks and other loud events.
Think practically when it comes to stocking pet gifts: Enrichment toys and feeders that encourage pets to solve problems, treats and edible gifts that promote health and wellness, and pet collars, leashes, beds and other soft goods made of eco-conscious fabrics and dyes will all be key.
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