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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 11 Review: Dog Bites Bear – TV Fanatic

Three hundred episodes are quite an accomplishment.
As sad as it was to watch Rupert “die” on Family Guy Season 16 Episode 11, wouldn’t it be nice to have the same sort of eloquent send-off at its end?
We all know it’s coming. Before long we’ll be saying goodbye to Family Guy just like Stewie will eventually say goodbye to Rupert forever.
And like Stewie, we might not be able to handle it, but we’ll get through it. The only difference is that, for us, Family Guy will reappear in reruns.
I don’t know much about The Fast and the Furious movies, so there are references I probably missed.
And, no, I didn’t miss the ending with Paul Walker riding off into the great beyond with Rupert. Nor the joke that the movies don’t really have a plot.
That aside, “Dog Bites Bear” mostly centered on the friendship between Stewie and Brian which became fractured after Brian mauled Rupert in a drunken fit.
Stewie never stays mad at Brian for long, and it was funny that Stewie thought the true break of their friendship was when he unfollowed Brian on social media.
Despite that move, it didn’t take long for Brian to get back into Stewie’s good graces. There’s a bond between those two that will always exist even when Brian finally does cross over the Rainbow Bridge.
Stewie may never remember Rupert, but Brian will stay with him forever. Still, Rupert is an important part of Stewie’s life, and it may very well be that the teddy bear will always hold a special place in Stewie’s heart.
That’s why it was so difficult for Stewie to come to terms with Brian having destroyed Rupert. His best friend killing his other best friend was a raw deal. It makes sense that Brian did it out of jealousy. Who can really control themselves when they are drunk?
I can just imagine a drunk Brian coming home and seeing Rupert sitting on the couch “watching” the movie all by himself, and Brian losing it. It’s not something he would have done sober, but who hasn’t done something stupid when they’re drunk?
Brian knew he was in the wrong, and while he tried to make excuses for what he did, he tried to make amends almost immediately; like any dog would, I guess.
I liked that Brian decided to follow Stewie to Vermont. Sometimes Brian can be stubborn, and considering his feelings about Rupert, this could have been one of those times, but Brian stepped out of his usual ways and put Stewie’s feelings first.
Brian proved to Stewie that he is his best friend. Brian carried him to the top of the mountain, said a eulogy when asked, and went above and beyond when he bought Stewie the new Rupert.
It was all very touching. 
The two pals have been through many adventures together. They love each other and are truly each other’s best friend. They go together like Peaches and Cream and Starsky and Hutch. You can’t have one without the other. 
While Stewie and Brian were exploring their friendship, Peter met a cereal idol. Out of all the monster cereals, I would probably have to agree that Boo Berry is the best. FrankenBerry is a close second.
Count Chocula is a whatever. There’s nothing special about his chocolate-flavored cereal. Cocoa Pebbles, or even Cocoa Puffs are better choices anyway. 
What I liked best about this story was the micro life that was growing on Peter’s hand. For some reason it reminded me of an episode of The Orville that I can’t remember the name of now. 
But it also made me think about the people who save things celebrities have touched just because a celebrity had touched it. How gross is that? But more importantly, what kind of bozo has a cereal idol?
I loved that Lois is in a group chat with the guys, and their plan to get Peter to wash his hand was brilliant. I’m sure it was Lois’ idea since she’s the only smart one in that whole group. 
Cleveland playing Count Chocula was funny, but I would have loved to have seen the three guys dressed up as Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Still, them just talking about it made me chuckle.

Were you impressed with the show’s 300th episode? Did you like “Dog Bites Bear”?
Are you happy Rupert is still alive or should Stewie give him up already?
Hit the comments and share your thoughts.
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Chris: I can’t tell if they have a really strong marriage or a really bad one.
Meg: I feel like it’s weird but strong. Like Danny Trejo.
Brian [about Fast and Furious movies]: So what’s the plot?
Stewie: Oh. So you don’t understand these movies.
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