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Ex Mediacorp Star Jeff Wang Got Bitten By His Dog On Live Stream – TODAY

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The actor says his Shiba Inu started exhibiting aggressive behaviour after recovering from parvovirus.
The actor says his Shiba Inu started exhibiting aggressive behaviour after recovering from parvovirus.
Former Mediacorp star Jeff Wang, 44, went on IG Live to chat with his fans yesterday (Jul 11) but barely two minutes into the broadcast, he got bitten by his Shiba Inu Debu in front of all his viewers.


Though there was no doubt that Jeff was hurt, he quickly brushed off the incident and continued chatting with his fans about what he’s been up to.

He only acknowledged what had happened when a netizen asked if he was in pain, adding that the bite was very minor and that there was no cause for concern. He then brought out his first-aid kit and started cleaning his wound.

Jeff said: “[My dog Debu’s] behaviour can change in a split second. There aren’t any problems when we’re feeding him, but if he drops something and we use our hand or feet to reach out for the food, he will snap and bite you.”

The Star Search 1999 champ then explained what had happened: “I was feeding him [before the live stream] and then he came into my room and put his head on my table. He probably thought that I was going to continue feeding him. I stroked his head [but] I saw that he was baring his teeth through the screen. I knew that I was going to get bitten.”

According to Jeff, he had wanted a dog for years and finally got his wish earlier this year.

As soon as he brought Debu home, the pup fell ill and was diagnosed with parvovirus.

Vets told Jeff that the survival rate of dogs who are afflicted with the disease was only 20 per cent and that Debu might die within a week. Thankfully, Debu managed to overcome the odds and beat the sickness.

However, Jeff said Debu became “very aggressive” after his recovery and started exhibiting food aggression.

Though Jeff insisted that he’s fine since Debu has “bitten [him] many times in the past”, his fans are very concerned for him.

They have suggested that the actor engage a professional dog trainer to help correct Debu’s behaviour before its too late and asked that Jeff promote responsible dog ownership.
Photos: Jeff Wang’s Instagram
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