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Dogs go for the traditional look at Lagos Dog Festival – Hindustan Times

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Dog lovers in Nigeria paraded their pets in traditional outfits at a canine festival in the commercial capital Lagos at the weekend, as organisers sought to showcase the country’s diverse culture and encourage pet ownership.
Jackie Idimogu, chief organiser of the Lagos Dog Festival, said this year’s event sought to foster national unity after a disputed presidential election in February exposed Nigeria’s tribal faultlines as voting was largely along ethnic lines.
“Because of that we decided to use Lagos Dog Carnival 2023 to celebrate the togetherness of Nigerians, to celebrate that Nigerians have different tribes, different…cultures, but we are still one,” Idimogu said.
Pomeranians, Cane Corsos and Siberian Husky were among the dogs on show, parading their outfits at the festival, which is in its fifth year.
A Lhasa Apso, however, took the prize for the best dressed dog for its traditional Igbo attire.


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