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Doggie Blowout + Grooming Bar 'Ruff to Fluff' Expands to Montclair – The Montclair Girl

This article is sponsored by Ruff to Fluff Bar.
In Montclair, finding a good dog groomer can be like a needle in a haystack. And if you love your dog(s) as much as we do, then you want to make their grooming not only comfortable + convenient, but also fun for both you and your dog. Enter Ruff to Fluff Bar — a grooming and blowout bar for dogs with an open concept — elevating the process of dog grooming, one pup at a time. The doggie blowout and grooming salon, which was founded in Jersey City in 2022, has officially made its way into Montclair. Located at 127 Valley Road, Ruff to Fluff Bar is changing the dog grooming scene in Montclair — one doggie blowout at a time. Read on to learn all about this new dog grooming spot new to Montclair + how you can pamper your furry loved one(s).
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about ruff to fluff
Founders Nicole + Erika originally started Ruff to Fluff in Jersey City in October 2022. And after creating a cult following, the duo decided to open up shop at a second location in Montclair. Together with their team of A-list groomers and bathers, this open-concept grooming and bath bar takes your pup from “ruff to fluff” in a convenient and enjoyable environment for pups and their paw-rents.
With an open-concept design, dogs and dog parents can feel at ease every step of the way. While your pup is getting groomed or bathed, you can relax and watch the process while WFH in their waiting area or viewing bar and even enjoy some complimentary refreshments. This salon is taking dog grooming to the next level.
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In addition to the unique open concept design, Ruff to Fluff Bar provides an array of experiences within the salon which they refer to as bars:
Water Bar — Your pups can quench their thirst with infused and filtered waters.
Viewing Bar — Paw-rents can pull up a seat and watch your pup transform.
Color Bar — An optional, yet fun addition to any groom.
Sniff Bar — You can complete your pup’s experience with a take-home treat bag of their choosing.
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visit the bar
Jersey City paw-rents love the monthly bath memBARship and we’re sure Montclair will too. In addition to cost saving baths + other grooming necessities, memBARship perks also include signature fragrances, monthly surprises, accessories, guaranteed bookings, and a complimentary sniff bar.
For $105/month, you can choose from two baths a month — which also includes nail trimming, teeth spray, and an ear cleaning or one bath a month with a choice of anal gland expression, nail color, mud bath, or a hydrating mask. The memBARship also includes the options to share with a friend, pause billing while away, and a birthday photo shoot for your pup.
Our model is simple, focus on baths and blowouts to keep your dog looking fluff and not ruff,” Nicole + Erika told The Montclair Girl.
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Ruff to Fluff Bar is located at 127 Valley Road in Montclair with a second location at 580 Palisades Avenue in Jersey City. Ruff to Fluff Bar is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00AM to 7:00PM.
For more information or to book an appointment, visit their website or email getclean@rufftofluffbar.com.

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