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Dog with longest tongue is Zoey: Lab breaks world record – USA TODAY

If you think your dog gives slobbery kisses, you should meet Zoey, the Labrador/German shepherd mix that just claimed the record for longest tongue on a living dog. 
Zoey’s 5-inch tongue earned her the Guinness World Record this past Friday. Her tongue is over an inch longer than the previous record-holder, an English Setter named Bisbee, crowned earlier this year. 
Her owners, Sadie and Drew Williams from Metairie, Louisiana, said she’s had an unusual size tongue since she was a puppy. In their early pictures of Zoey, her pink tongue is already sticking out. Now at three years old, both her and her tongue have grown even bigger. 
Her long licker is most noticeable as she pants after playing or exercising. Drew said this gets her lots of attention. 
“We’ll warn (people) ahead of time ‘Hey, she’s friendly but she might slobber on you’ and every now and then she will, and they’ll have a big slobber mark on their black pants,” he told Guinness. 
Zoey loves to play outside. She’s a fan of fetching balls, chasing squirrels and swimming. But watch out − you might not stay dry if you run into her after having fun!


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