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Dog loses eyes when 'insect bites' turn out to be something much worse – Now To Love

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When Macari arrived at SPCA Galway suffering swollen eyes and temporary blindness, vets assumed insect bites were to blame.
But then an X-ray revealed the terrible truth – the gorgeous husky had actually been shot in the face and had dozens of tiny pellets lodged in his eyeballs.
Vets were forced to remove Macari’s eyes to reduce his chronic pain and reduce the risk of him bleeding out.
“What at first inspection we thought may be wasp/bee/ant bites causing temporary blindness for Macari, have now under further tests and X-rays been revealed as pellets,” Galway SPCA wrote on its Facebook page.
“This beautiful boy was shot in the face. Pellets showed up in his eyes mostly but also in his head and facial area.
“Devastating news as this meant there was never going to be that chance we were all hoping for of Macari ever getting his sight back.
“Whoever did this meant it. They have quite literally taken the eyes out of his head.”
SPCA workers are now desperately seeking a new home for Macari as their busy kennel is too loud and frantic for a scared newly blind dog.
“So now we need help,” the statement read. “Kennels with their noise, hustle and bustle and high tempo are no place for Macari.
“He is confused and bewildered by it all. The movement of the other dogs nearby make him on edge. He needs EYES. He needs a human who has the time, love and patience to see for him.
“Someone with a very quiet home who is at home so they can teach Macari to live without sight. He is amazing. He wants to go walking. He loves to sniff and smell and this evening he greeted us with great excitement.
“Macari’s life has changed dramatically in the last two weeks but we can look at him and see the proud boy he was, before cruelty took that from him. We want to give him back his life.”
If you think you can help, visit the Galway SPCA Facebook page.
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