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Dog dies after jumping from tub at Lincoln groomers – KOLN

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – A groomer at Lincoln’s Canine Design was given a citation after a dog in her care died last Monday.
The dog’s owner, Michelle Saathoff, said she took three of her dogs to Canine Design on Jan. 29. It was a routine Saathoff followed for 12 years.
She said not long after dropping off her dogs, she received a phone call from the business owner letting her know what happened to her eldest dog, Nala.
“She said she jumped out of the tub and I said ‘okay’,” Saathoff explained, “my first thought was that Nala had a broken leg.”
Saathoff said the owner of Canine Design told her the groomer, who was bathing Nala, stepped away during the bath to get a brush in another room.
“You don’t drop your dog off for a haircut and get a call that they’re dead.”
According to Saathoff, the owner said it was at that time the dog jumped from the tub while still being tethered to a leash.
The leash, however, was not long enough for Nala to reach the ground and she was strangled.
10/11 reached out to the city about the incident. Animal Control said that a citation for animal cruelty was issued to the groomer who was bathing Nala.
Animal Control said after consulting with a city attorney, it was also determined that the employee allegedly ‘caused undo harm or pain.’
Canine Design has since sent us a statement taking full responsibility for the tragedy:
We want to acknowledge the tragic passing of Nala, a beloved member of our grooming family, on Monday, January 29th. This happened while Nala was in our care and we accept full responsibility.
We also extend our deepest sympathies to Nala’s family, who have been loyal clients at Canine Design for 12 years. Nothing we do will bring her back, but we have updated our pet safety policy and will work diligently to make sure this policy is practiced daily.
We appreciate all of our clients and fellow groomers who have reached out to show their support in this incredibly difficult time.
Michelle Saathoff said moving forward she hopes that groomers everywhere will learn from what happened to Nala.
“There’s not many dogs that like to take baths, let’s be honest,” Saathoff said. “They’re going to try to escape and how many times have there been close calls? Why can’t they just use a harness instead of something that goes around their neck?”
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