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Design Lovers and Their Dogs Will Love This American Made Brand – Gifts & Decorative Accessories

Adelaide Elliott //Associate Editor//July 22, 2023
Design Lovers and Their Dogs Will Love This American Made Brand
You are My Sunshine Lady Bow Collar and You are My Sunshine Bow Tie Collar.
Thanks to a small-batch manufacturing process, pet product brand The Foggy Dog can prioritize a design-first approach.
Adelaide Elliott //Associate Editor//July 22, 2023
Passionate about pets, The Foggy Dog is committed to creating thoughtfully designed, stylish pieces for every person’s pooch and — more recently —their cats, too.
And, according to company founder Rose Shattuck, that love of and focus on pets goes all the way back to the very beginning of the brand.
“Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved dogs and design,” wrote Shattuck on The Foggy Dog’s website. “So when I was finally ready to get a puppy of my own, it makes sense that I started obsessing a bit. I wanted everything to be just right for my new baby.”
Shattuck was on the hunt for the perfect dog bed for her puppy when the framework for The Foggy Dog was laid.
After searching and scrolling through hundreds of options online and in stores, she still could not find exactly what she wanted, so Shattuck took matters into her own hands, hiring a local seamstress and finding the perfect fabrics to create the dog bed of her dreams.
“I realized I couldn’t be the only dog mom who wanted beautiful, modern, quality products,” she continued. “So, I quit my day job, started buying fabric and The Foggy Dog was born.”
In addition to its pet beds, The Foggy Dog now offers collars, leashes, toys, waste bag dispensers and other accessories for design-conscious doggies and their owners. More recently, The Foggy Dog even added felt cat toys to its lineup, all of which are handcrafted in the U.S. just like its dog products through family-owned manufacturing partners in the company’s hometown of San Francisco and other parts of the country. Thanks to its small-batch manufacturing process, The Foggy Dog can prioritize its design-first approach while paying fair wages and prioritizing the use of recycled materials, repurposed fabric scraps and natural fabrics wherever possible.
“We’re passionate about making pet products that are as beautiful as they are functional, because your best friend deserves the best,” concluded Shattuck.
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