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Best Holiday 2023 Gifts for Pets and Pet Parents: Toys, Beds, Supplies & More – Entertainment Tonight

Paws up, pet lovers. Need some ideas for all the furry friends and their caretakers in your life? The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s time to sift through tons of fun dog and cat goodies for all those four-legged family members. From interactive toys to keep pets engaged to cozy beds and car seats, there’s plenty in this list of the best gifts for pets and pet parents to get any tails wagging.
We’ve curated an assortment of goodies for all your pets, with options that can fit any budget. Looking for a high-tech pet camera to check in on your pup during the day? Or maybe a robotic mouse that’ll undoubtedly make less of a mess than if your cat found a real one, or a deluxe scratching post that your cat may actually prefer over the cardboard box it came in? We’ve rounded up our best selections, including plush beds that promise snuggly dreams and make your pets feel like kings in their own domain.
Whether you’re new to the world of pet ownership or you’re a seasoned owner seeking fresh ideas, we’ve curated a collection of great gifts for pets and pet parents. Sprinkle a little extra joy into those lucky pets and their owners’ lives with these fun gift options. 
Combine two lovable, huggable things — their pet and Squishmallows — with this adorable pet bed.
Dogs love to chew, so give them the gift of woodland animals to gnaw on to their heart’s content, with a plush treehouse for your fur baby to dig around for them in and store the rest.
This plush booster dog car seat is soft, cozy, and safe for transporting pets back and forth while helping them to see out of the window. They’ll love being able to see what’s going on outside of the car while going out for a ride. 
$92 $78
Make sure their pets have water anywhere they go, from their seat in the car to out and about and exploring. It’s perfect for giving to your giftee to keep in the car for when there are particularly parched pets. 
Cats will love chasing after this robotic mouse that moves all on its own. It has two speed settings, a built-in obstacle sensor and is rechargeable for long-term play sessions. 
$30 $28
Any pet will enjoy cuddling up in this oversized bed made of synthetic plush fur, and pet parents will love it for its non-slip and waterproof bottom in case of accidents. 
Pet parents will appreciate this 2-way HD all-in-one pet monitor, which lets them check in on and speak with their companions from anywhere with 1080p HD video, night video, and an included laser toy. 
$99 $80
These 64-ounce stainless steel Yeti dog bowls come in 14 colors.
For the dog lover, this Wild One leash and poop bag carrier set is equally adorable and functional.
Give the gift of a cleaner home and less pet fur on your favorite pet parents’ furniture, bedsheets, and car with this easy-to-use tool. Roll it back and forth so its extra sticky insides pick up every single  strand, trapping fur and lint inside the reservoir. 
The Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is a must if you have carpet or cloth surfaces in your home that are in need of a touch-up or deep cleaning. 
$124 $98 at Walmart
$124 $98 at Amazon
They’ll love this full-featured bag that can transport all the pet supplies anyone needs. While it’s billed as a dog travel bag, it has plenty of compartments and space for useful items any pet needs for an overnight stay, vet visit or car trip. 
$40 $30
It’s finally time for a cat tower that suits their — or, let’s face it, the cat’s — modern sensibilities. 
$110 $86
Give pets who scarf down their food a little too quickly a slow feeder lick mat. Spread peanut butter across the surface for a fun treat or put the pups’ food on this mat to encourage them to slow down for a healthier way to eat. 
$20 $15
Give a furry friend a fun brain teaser to play with. This one has plenty of compartments to hide food, treats, or other fun things to play with, and they’ll learn a little in the process, too. 
For a pet parent or your furry friend, BarkBox is a dog toy subscription box with fun monthly themed collections like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Harry Potter, Italy and Star Wars. Each box holds more than $40 worth of toys and treats with two innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew. 
Starting at $20/month
For more gift inspiration, check out our ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for all of the best gifts of 2023 for everyone on your list. 
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