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Beloved Winslow neighborhood dog dragged by animal control: 'Bleeding and gasping for air' – FOX 10 News Phoenix

A neighborhood in Winslow is outraged and calling for justice for a beloved dog who is shown being dragged and bloodied by an animal control employee in a video.
Neighbors say the incident happened on May 4 in a community near Cherry Street and Apache Avenue.
Jim Sundwall, a 52-year resident of Winslow, says the dog, Raider, will usually follow a high school teacher home. The dog's home is at the end of the block and has a family.
"He gets a treat and goes to each house and gets another treat and goes home. That's his routine," Sundwall said. "He watches the high school kids as they go to school."
Sundwall said he saw a police officer near where the dog lives. He tells the officer about a dog in the area, but that he doesn't bite.
The officer reportedly said that the dog had already tried to bite him, but that he moved away just in time.
"So I thought no harm, no foul. I walk back home and an animal control employee jumps out with a pole. Runs down to the other end of the street and puts the rope pole around the dog's neck and drags him," Sundwall said.
In the video, you can see the dog being dragged by a pole with a metal cable around his head. He's bleeding from his mouth and shaking.
Still images from the video Jim Sundwall sent in of the incident
"The owner is in a wheelchair and unable to help. You can hear him yelling, ‘You're killing the dog.' Animal control dragged the dog by his neck approximately 200 feet to his vehicle," Sundwall said.
Another neighbor who expressed outrage about the dog's treatment said this story needs to be told because it's not the first time something like this has happened in their town.
"It was torture. Sadly, in a small town this will happen again. It’s happened many times before. We finally just got it on tape," he said.
The neighbor says the incident has left the community in shock.
"I’m still shaking from what we saw. It is heartbreaking, we feel it across our small town. The pole was fastened to the dog's neck by a metal cable. The animal control employee had zero visible training and caused extreme discomfort to the dog and everybody who was around," he said.
Several police reports have been filed.
FOX 10 reached out to the city of Winslow asking for more information on this incident, but it hasn't replied.
As for the Winslow Police Department, it released information on this case, saying the employee is on leave and is being investigated.
"The complaint logged with the Winslow Police Department indicates abuse occurred during the capture and loading of the dog into the impound vehicle," the department said.
The department says the animal control officer was placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation's outcome.
"Currently, we ask the public to provide this department with the opportunity to complete the investigation and upon conclusion of the investigation, provide the conclusion to the public," Winslow PD said.
The good news is Raider the dog was examined by a vet and is in good health. A neighbor says the dog still isn't back with his family as of May 7.
 FOX 10 asked the department's chief, Franklin Caldwell, follow-up questions about the officer and his training, but did not get a response.
On the city's website, the animal control page reads, "While striving to build healthy relationships between people and animals, it shall be the mission of the Winslow Animal Control to serve the residents of Winslow in a timely, sociable, and competent manner when enforcing any animal ordinance."
On May 8, the police department said city animal control officers have been receiving threats since this incident.
"The city of Winslow takes all claims of animal abuse seriously and is committed to a full and fair investigation," the news release read.
An Arizona group called "The Cherry Bombs" is known to help animals and the community by fundraising and volunteering.
The group is looking to help Raider and his family by raising money to install a fence around his home so that the dog isn't prone to another situation like this.
"We decided the best way to quickly help this situation is by holding a 50/50 raffle, we're currently at $280 and we're hoping to get Tposts donated so most of the money can go to the fencing material. We are concerned about the fence code, and permits but that's just something we will have to deal with as we go," a member said.
The group uses third-party apps to collect donations, such as Cash App, Venmo and Zelle.
You can visit the group's page to learn more about how you can donate + stay updated on the efforts.
Map of the area where the incident happened:
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