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Bagel Bites' New Bagel Dogs Are Basically Pigs in Bagel Blankets – MyRecipes

“When pizza’s on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime.” That line from the Bagel Bites jingle is instantly familiar to any ‘90s kid, and has justified many questionable eating habits. Now, an even bigger question looms for Bagel Bites: Does the same hold true for hot dogs?
That’s the apparent premise behind Bagel Bites’ new Bagel Dogs, which eschew their typical pizza on bagel format in favor of microwavable pigs in a blanket. Recently spotted and reviewed by food Instagrammer @TheBoxedGoods, it would seem that what once was a bagel is now the blanket that these Oscar Mayer-based weenies are snuggly nestled into.
Each box contains 12 easily microwavable pigs in a blanket, and you should probably share them unless you’re a hot dog-loving hoarder. But oh boy would this be an easy way to make an impression if you put them on a plate and passed them around like hors d'oeuvre.
Though there’s reason to be skeptical of any sort of microwavable mini hot dog, @TheBoxedGoods’ impression of these Bagel Dogs suggests they’re better than you’d think. “This was love at first bite. [These] little dogs actually have a lot of flavor,” the review reads. “The bagel was a little tough but still yummy and flavorful.” Sounds like just about all you can ask for from this sort of thing.
Bagel Dogs are or either will soon be available pretty much wherever you get your bagled pizza, so grab a box and see what the fuss is about for yourself. The next group of friends you invite over to watch sports will thank you.


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