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B.C. woman gets $800 refund for aggressive 'untrainable' dog – Vancouver Is Awesome

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B.C.’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has ordered a man to refund a woman $800 for a Staffordshire bull terrier she claimed attacked other dogs.
In his Nov. 24 decision, tribunal member David Jiang said Katherine Strongwind purchased the dog from Corey Namura.
Strongwind said Namura advertised the dog as “good with other dogs.” She alleged that contrary to that, the dog attacked other dogs.
She also said two trainers found the dog to be both unfit for training and unfriendly to other dogs.
Strongwind said she returned the dog and claimed the $800 as a full refund of the adoption fee.
Namura, however, denied liability. He said he hadn’t experienced the alleged aggression, and that the dog’s behaviour may have been due to other factors, including improper training or Strongwind’s conduct.
He had owned the dog with another person, D, and Strongwind adopted the dog in December 2022.
Strongwind said the dog was hostile to other dogs, attacked another dog at the dog park, and a family member’s dog during a visit.
Namura said two trainers found the dog aggressive and difficult or impossible to train; however, Namura disagreed the dog’s temperament was responsible for the attacks. 
Strongwind, in February 2023, complained to D.
“D texted ‘we want you to give us’ the dog, ‘then we can give you your fee back,’” Jiang’s decision said.
D said Namura could pick up the dog.
Jiang said the terms of the situation were clear: Strongwind would return the dog and Namura and D would return the fee.
He said Strongwind returned the dog and no refund was given.
“I find (Namura) and D breached the contract,” the tribunal ruled.
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