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All-female company shakes dog grooming industry – KSWO

LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) – Jokes, dogs, and plenty of love to go around is what the atmosphere at Dogtown feels like every day.
But, unlike other groomers in your area, this one is ran by a mother daughter duo.
“We’re both very different like she’s better at some things that I’m not so good at, and she’s better at things that I’m not so good at, so we really balance each other out and keep each other leveled and chill. so, its not so bad,” said co-owner, Haley Drake.
In December of 2018, Dogtown opened its door in Lawton, Oklahoma. Stacy Rains, mother of Haley Drake and co-owner of Dogtown, had been grooming dogs since 2006, when Haley was in high school. Haley gained an interest in dog grooming, and Stacey made sure her daughter learned the ropes.
After working everywhere from Jacksonville, Florida to Austin, Texas, Stacy and Haley got the idea to open their own dog grooming company and they hit the ground running.
But it’s not just the fact that the shop is ran by a mother and daughter, what makes the shop so unique is that it’s all female ran team.
“It’s just really cool to just have a strictly all women shop. its fun, we all vibe really well, we’re all super tight and cool, and like, it just works out super well and its really fun,” smiled Drake.
Dogtown is located at 5117 NW Cache Road in Lawton, Oklahoma. To get a quote, all you have to do is go to their website at Dogtowngrooming580.com or go inside to make an appointment.
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