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Find the perfect gift for your pet on Amazon, all under £30 – About Amazon.co.uk

Spoil all the pets in your life this Christmas with our ultimate pet gift guide. From healthy pups to pets who like to travel in ...

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Northgate restaurant closing; lack of parking, aggressive towing blamed – KBTX

A Northgate restaurant is calling it quits.Dat Dog, a New Orleans-based restaurant that expanded to Texas, is shutting its doors Wednesday. The restaurant at First ...
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Unique Gift Ideas for the Cat Person in Your Life – Woman's Day

Unique Gift Ideas for the Cat Person in Your Life  Woman’s Daysource
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Cats & Songbirds

Each year, millions of songbirds are killed by roaming cats. Here’s how to keep your kitty from adding to the statistics. Cats are hardwired to ...
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Calgary mom raises safety concerns after dog bites teen – Global News

Instructions:Comments closed.Due to the sensitive and/or legal subject matter of some of the content on globalnews.ca, we reserve the ability to disable comments from time ...
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'She likes to be loud with television': Bella the cat breaks record for … – USA TODAY

She likes food, cuddles and television.If you participate all three laid-back activities with the lazy lady, you\’ll need to turn the TV volume up.Bella, a ...
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Using punishment during training predicts aggression toward people. – Psychology Today

Understanding what emotional intelligence looks like and the steps needed to improve it could light a path to a more emotionally adept world. Verified by ...
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American Pit Bull Terrier Temperament Test Has Shocking Result – DogTime

By Jenna Wadsworth Some people hear “Pit Bull” and think “vicious dog,” but when the American Temperament Testing Society gauged the soundness of this misunderstood ...
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Helping Your Pup Heal: Using a Dog Wheelchair for a Knee Injury

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CL tears and cruciate injuries are common injuries for dogs. In fact, ACL ruptures occur more often in dogs than in humans! According to the National ...
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Territorial Aggression in Dogs: How to Treat Canine Territorial Aggression – American Kennel Club

Dr. Mary Burch is the Director of AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program. Dr. Burch is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist.A dog ...
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Independence Day for Dogs

No, they aren’t rising up in revolt. But they would like to walk around without a string on their necks on occasion. Dog independence: no, …

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Fragment or Farm?

The land is good. The policies, not so much. If you think of a rural area, what do you imagine goes on on the land? Farming? ...


Around The World

Cassidy Moses
2 weeks ago
I'm so grateful to have found this camp for my dog!! It can be challenging finding a trusted sitter for longer stays away, but this has been such a wonderful alternative. The van service picks my pup up and drops her off right in front of my home in Brooklyn and they do really cute photoshoots with the dogs sometimes. Loved seeing my pup in a wide open space to run and play how she likes. Will definitely be back!
Tiffany Chu
6 months ago
My dog has been LOVING it at Glencadia. I'm delighted to see all the fun photos that get uploaded every day. This is her second time back, and we've already booked her for a month long stay in the next few months. The wellness checks where the dogs get weighed and checked for scratches, ticks, and overall health are reassuring to read. The Glencadia team makes sure the dogs are in tip top shape. The photos of the dogs sitting on the bench after the wellness checks are fun to see as well. Their faces are always beaming! I was worried the first time I sent my dog because I adopted her when she had severe separation anxiety. Training wasn't getting anywhere as she was attached only to me. I think she learned to self soothe at camp being around other dogs and being in a safe environment. When she got back, her separation anxiety training went so much more smoothly!
Brett Krutiansky
3 months ago
Glencadia Dog Camp has been a home away from home for my dog Bagel for over 3 years now, and I wouldn’t think of sending him anywhere else. The peace of mind I get knowing he’s on his own little vacation while I’m on mine, and enjoying the photos they provide, is priceless. Their seamless pick up and drop off service adds to the convenience and reliability of their care. Highly recommend! Here is a photo of him having fun during his most recent stay:
Sarah Dismuke
11 months ago
We absolutely LOVE Glencadia. We have been sending our dog Astor to Glencadia for several years now. He has been over 10 times!!! Astor has gone to camp from as little as a weekend stay to a longer 2 week stay. We have recommended Glencadia to at least 10 people and they always rave about it and are SO happy we recommended it to them. We love Glencadia because of how convenient the service is. Astor is obsessed with doggy driver Phil! The pick and drop off service is an absolute game changer. Glencadia is very affordable compared to everything else in the city and Astor gets his own little vacation when we go on vacation. We always know our dog is in good hands and it is very obvious he is having the time of his life when we see him romping around with a huge smile on his face in the photos and videos. Astor is always so exhausted when he gets home because of how much fun he had with all of his new and old camp friends!! HIGHLY recommend Glencadia. We could not recommend them enough.
Hilary Farley
a month ago
I only have great things to say about Glencadia - I've been sending my dogs there for about 3 years at this point, and I am consistently impressed by the staff. They make pick-up and drop-off seamless, and everyone really knows the dogs and their personalities. I feel complete confidence in sending them to Glencadia knowing they'll be well cared for and have a great time romping on the farm. Highly recommend!
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