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A dog was found tied to a gate at a B.C. shelter. The reason may signal a bigger problem – Global News Toronto

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A heart-wrenching discovery in Aldergrove over the weekend may be a sign of a bigger problem.
Luna, a two-year-old mixed-breed dog was found abandoned at the gates of the Patti Dale Animal Shelter early on Saturday morning.
“It was tethered with a jacket on and had a harness and she’s obviously loved,” Sarah Jones, executive director of the Langley Animal Protection Society told Global News.
“There was a small piece of blanket left as well.”
Jones said Luna was very scared, barking at everyone, and it took 40 minutes and some hot dogs until staff could approach and untie her.
“It’s heartbreaking,” she said.
“Obviously, someone couldn’t care for her anymore. And so they made that desperate decision to leave her here with us, but we wanted to know more background so we can help her.”
Jones said they posted about Luna on their Facebook page, asking if anyone knew her, and someone messaged them saying they did and from there, staff were able to track down Luna’s owner.
It was a woman who had to undergo medical treatment and could no longer care for the dog.
The Langley Animal Protection Society currently has close to 30 dogs looking for a home.
“Lately, we’ve had a significant increase in pet abandonment — dogs, particularly usually larger breed dogs and puppies,” Jones said.
“We’re seeing puppies left at the side of highways. We’re seeing people bring in dogs saying, ‘Well, we found this litter’ but it’s pretty obvious that it traces back to them.”
A post-pandemic over-supply is partly to blame but the main reason, according to the society, is the economy.
“People are struggling financially,” Jones said.
“Doesn’t matter really how much money you make. If you’re not in that top tier, you’re definitely seeing the impact on grocery bills, on housing, everything, and animals and people are intrinsically linked.
“So what’s happening with people is also going to be happening with animals because the people who care for them and people are making desperate decisions because they need to feed their families.”
Jones said people are even contacting them for emergency housing for their pets because they are living in their cars while trying to find a new place to live.
The shelter is working to find Luna a new home.
Anyone who can no longer care for their animal is advised to call their local shelter for help.
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