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Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Dogster Team
Terrier Dog being Groomed by a Professional Groomer
Most dog owners do not need a dog grooming table. However, if your dog requires a lot of grooming, these tables can be extremely useful. They help keep your dog in place while grooming, and they can help you maintain a comfortable posture. With one of these tables, you’ll no longer have to worry about wrestling with your dog to get them completely brushed.
However, not all dog grooming tables are made equal. Many of them are designed for smaller dogs only, especially those available to your average dog owner for an affordable price. Those with larger dogs will have to look long and hard for a table to accommodate their needs.
We took a close look at some of the most popular dog grooming tables on the market. Below, you’ll find our reviews which, hopefully, will help you determine which dog grooming table is best for your canine.
Master Equipment Dog Grooming Table with Arm
The Master Equipment Dog Grooming Table is a professional-grade grooming table designed for regular grooming. It folds up for storage, so you don’t have to worry about finding a permanent place for the table. Plus, it is also grip-friendly and provides plenty of friction for your dog. The tabletop itself is made from a wood-composite formula and then coated in PVC to improve durability.
You can adjust the grooming arm to fit your needs. It works with most dog heights, especially if you purchase the larger table. The adjustment knob remains easy to use and features a sturdy clamp to prevent the arm from moving around while you’re using it.
The feet are wrapped in rubber to prevent the table from moving, even under the force of a larger dog. We love that this table comes in three different sizes, with the largest size holding up to 220 pounds. Therefore, even those with a larger dog can use this table. Based on this information, this table is easily considered the best overall dog grooming table out there.
Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Table with Arm
For those on a budget, the Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Table is the cheapest grooming table that we can recommend. It comes with an adjustable arm that attaches to the edge of the table to help keep your dog in place. The leash loop holds the dog still while you’re grooming and is completely adjustable. There are four sizes available.
This table does come in a smaller size than most out there. Therefore, if you have an extremely small dog, the smallest size of this table may be the best option.
This whole table is aluminum. Plus, it is also waterproof, so you can use it to groom wet dogs. It does contain some wood, but the aluminum outside layer prevents the wood from warping. The top features a textured surface, which helps dogs maintain grip and feel more comfortable.
With all that said, there is no advertised weight capacity for this table. Plus, many users reported that it collapses under the weight of larger dogs, even if you purchase a bigger size. Therefore, this table seems to work best for smaller canines. Still, if you can make it work for you, this is the best dog grooming table for the money.
Yaheetech Folding Dog & Cat Grooming Table
For those not on a strict budget, we highly recommend the Yaheetech Folding Dog & Cat Grooming Table. It is very solidly built, which is one reason it is so expensive. It features a detachable shelf under the table, allowing you to keep all the grooming tools you need nearby. Plus, this table has a powder-coated iron frame, making it much more solid than other options on the market.
The tabletop features an anti-skid texture to provide your canines with plenty of grip. This texture is not abrasive like some others, so it should not cause paw-pad injuries. This tabletop is easy to clean when you’re done grooming.
Two grooming loops prevent your pet from moving around all that much while grooming. With an extra loop beyond the usual table, this product provides a bit of extra staying power for those particularly large dogs. For smaller dogs, you may only need to use one loop.
Of course, this table folds up for easy storage between grooming sessions.
Yaheetech Foldable Retractable Bath Dog & Cat Grooming Table
We also liked the Yaheetach Foldable Retractable Bath Grooming Table, which is a slightly smaller size than others. It has a full arm that runs all the way across the table, allowing you to turn your dog either way while grooming. It features two loops (one on each side) for this purpose, as well. It is quite a bit more expensive than other options on the market, though, largely because this is a premium brand.
You can adjust the arm between 8 different positions using the tension knobs. These knobs allow you to adjust the arm exactly where you need it, which can make grooming much easier.
The whole table can be adjusted, locked, and disassembled in only a matter of minutes. Storage is extremely easy thanks to the design of the table.
Overall, this table features many premium options that other tables simply don’t have. However, it is twice as expensive, making it out of reach for most dog owners.
Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bathing & Grooming Center
For those who would also like somewhere to wash their dog, we recommend the Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bathing and Grooming Center. As the name suggests, this table also functions as a bath for grooming your canine. It has raised sides to keep all the water inside. Plus, it comes in a range of sizes. The largest size is more than suitable for most larger dogs.
This bath allows for 360-degree access, as well as elevation. The feet are made out of rubber and feature a textured non-slip mat along the bottom. Therefore, it prevents slipping and sliding while bathing. Your dog should feel much more secure in the bath since it does provide quite a bit of grip.
We also liked that this bath includes a 3-point safety harness. So, you also don’t have to worry about your dog falling out.
We did find that this bath is not terribly easy to store. The legs do snap off and can be placed inside the tub. However, the tub itself is pretty large. So, you do need quite a bit of storage space.
Master Equipment Adjustable Height Dog Grooming Table
For those that just want a basic table that can hold a larger dog, we recommend the Master Equipment Adjustable Height Dog Grooming Table. This basic table can hold up to 250 pounds at a time, which should cover basically any dog out there. For this reason, we highly recommend this table for larger dogs (though do keep in mind that you have to get the dog up on the table, and this table does not move up and down).
The tabletop is made from high-grade plywood and features non-slip vinyl on the top. The edge is covered in aluminum, which helps prevent knicks and cracks. The legs lock into place thanks to level clamps and come with tension-adjusting screws. When you’re done grooming, the whole table folds for easy travel and storage.
The only downside is that this table is rather expensive. To hold up that much weight, high-grade materials are needed. Therefore, this table must be more expensive than others out there. Plus, there is no grooming arm provided, so you will have to purchase it separately. This is only extra money you’ll have to pour into the table to use it, though.
Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets
The Master Equipment Small Dog & Cat Grooming Table is a very small table designed for very small dogs. It does not even stand up on its own two legs! Instead, it sits on another table and your dog simply stands on it. Therefore, it only works for extremely small dogs. The base is only 18-inches wide, so your dog needs to be decently shorter in length than this.
The table itself is well-made and perfect for smaller dogs. The base is rotating, so you can spin it around as you groom your dog without actually moving your dog. The tabletop features a grip surface, which helps ensure that your dog remains stable during grooming. The arm allows you to keep your dog in one spot while grooming. It is also completely adjustable to your dog’s height.
We love that it is made from steel. Rubber feet help keep the table still while you’re grooming, even if your dog pulls on it a little bit. A grooming loop is included for extra stability.
Shernbao FT-811 Folding Dog Grooming Table
The Shernebao Folding Dog Grooming Table is a smaller-sized grooming table that is only about 32-inches long. Therefore, it works for small- to medium-sized breeds. However, it is likely too small for larger breeds. Measure your dog to be sure if you have doubts.
The surface is non-slip like most grooming tables. It should provide your canine with enough grip to keep them in place and comfortable. It is completely scrape-resistant, as well. We found it very easy to clean, making it a good choice for those with multiple dogs.
The construction can withstand a lot of wear. The support brackets allow it to handle larger animals. However, keep in mind that the length is shorter. When you’re done grooming, it folds nicely for storage.
We did find this table expensive for what it is. You can find longer tables that are about the same price but are able to handle larger dogs.
Most dog owners do not use a grooming table. However, they are missing out on how easy a grooming table can make caring for their canine! A grooming table has two main functions. It raises the dog up to your height, which helps prevent fatigue on your part. Plus, when a grooming loop is attached, it also prevents your dog from moving too much.
However, not all grooming tables perform these functions well—and not all tables work for all dogs. In this section, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know and consider when choosing the best grooming table for your dog.
Grooming tables come in all shapes and sizes. The bigger your dog, the bigger you’ll need the table to be. Luckily, this isn’t all that challenging to figure out. All grooming tables should have their dimensions listed in their description. In our reviews, we went ahead and listed the length of each table for you.
To figure out what table your dog needs, all you have to do is measure the length of your dog. Start from their shoulder (or front set of legs) and measure all the way to the back. You want the grooming table to be longer than your dog is. You don’t want them to be the exact same size, because then your dog will be right on the edge.
Now, be sure that you choose a table that fits your dog’s length. You can purchase any size table that is longer than your dog. However, you probably don’t want to purchase a table that is terribly longer than your canine, as it will be more difficult to store.
The most popular grooming table amongst professionals is the electric table. This table moves down to allow the dog easy access to the table, and then it moves back up. These tables can be useful for larger dogs. However, they can be extremely expensive.
Hydraulic tables are extremely similar. However, they use hydraulics instead and these tables are incredibly expensive. None of these tables store well. They usually do not fold or anything of that sort. Therefore, we do not recommend them for home use. They will need a permanent spot in your home, which most people do not have.
For this reason, all the tables in our review section are simply portable variaties. These tables are low-cost and fold for storage purposes. They do not move up and down, though, so you’ll need to consider how you’ll move your dog onto the table.
Frame styles vary widely. Usually, these styles are not directly advertised on grooming tables. Therefore, they are easy to overlook. However, keeping an eye out for these frame styles can seriously improve your grooming table choices.
X-style frames are the most secure and stable option. These legs look exactly how you would imagine— like a giant “X”. Each extra point of crossing helps add stability to the table. These tables will not rock significantly and are less likely to tip over. Plus, the tables often fold like an accordion, which helps with storage.
Z-style frames are similar, and these also happen to be the most common option. You’ll see them most commonly with hydraulic and electric tables, but you can find them in regular tables, as well. These tables move horizontally and vertically, so they usually need a little extra clearance.
For smaller dogs, pedestal-style options are a decent choice. These are extremely inexpensive and aren’t as stable. However, they can be useful for at-home options, as they tend to bend a bit easier to store.
Choosing a dog grooming table does not have to be challenging. With one of these tables, you can effectively groom your dog without needing to wrestle with them. Thanks to the loop, these tables can keep your dog in the same spot and prevent you from needing to bend over.
For most users, we recommend the Master Equipment Dog Grooming Table with arm. This table comes in many different sizes and folds for each storage. The largest size has a very large weight capacity, making it useable for some of the largest dogs around. Plus, it is very stable by all reports.
If you’re on a budget, you may want to look at the Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Table. It also comes in many different sizes. While it doesn’t have any fancy features, it is waterproof, durable, and comes with everything you absolutely need.
For those with a bit more money to spend, you may want to look at the Yaheetech Folding Dog & Cat Grooming Table. Though it only comes in one larger size, this table folds easily for storage and comes with a handy shelf for grooming supplies. It is a bit more expensive, but you’re paying for a slightly better table.
We hope that one of the tables on our list of reviews is suitable for both you and your canine.
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