Guard Your Dogs Against Wild Animals

7 Effective Tips to Guard Your Dogs Against Wild Animals

Protect Your Dogs Against Wild Animals

If you live in a suburban or rural environment, know that you live way closer to wild animals than you can imagine. Snakes, Leopards, Fox, Big Rodents, Large Birds etc are some of the wild animals that are known to visit human settlements for food. Many of these animals also don’t gel with dogs.

In this blog, you will see seven easy yet highly effective tips to protect your dogs from wild animals. It will also help protect your personal belongings which are kept outside of your house.

So let us begin

  • Build a Fence

Fencing your yard is a great step step in keeping the wild out of your backyard. Building a fence of at least six feet will prevent the entry of sneaky foxes and other animals that pose a threat to your dogs. A fence will also stop your dog from escaping your yard, especially if your furry friend is highly active and has a tendency to escape. Blocking the entry of wild animals also means that your dog is least likely to get injured or get infected.

  • Pick up the Poop

Canine predators like Leopards and Wolves are territorial. If they smell another animal’s faeces, they might perceive it as a threat to their domain and will try to eliminate that threat, even if it is your beloved dog. Consider buying a pet poop scooper that will help you pick up your dog’s faeces from the yard. This will remove the pheromones linked with territory and draw less attention from predators near your region.

  • Keep the Yard Clean

The intrusion of snakes in the backyard is one of the most common problems faced by people living in rural and sub-urban regions. Not many people know that the reason behind the snake crawling in your backyard is the garbage that lies there, although indirectly. When there is too much garbage outside of your house, rats can creep in there for food. This attracts the snakes as rats are their prime prey. Keep your backyard clean to prevent the snakes from creeping in.

  • Feed Your Dogs Inside

Leaving your dog’s food outside can be a gravy mistake, especially if you are living in a rural area. It will be like announcing a free meal to all the would-be predators in your area. Once they have had their meal, they will stick around there and may even see your area as their hunting ground, which will put them in danger. Above all, do not feed your pets on the deck and back porch as it could lead to close encounters or even the predators getting inside your house.

  • Walk Your Dogs on a Leash

Walking your dogs on a leash is highly important for their overall safety. Not only does it prevent them from running away, but it also helps you to stop your dogs from interacting with any wild animal present outside. Also, did you know that hawks have been known to swoop down and pick up smaller dogs like Chihuahua, Maltese etc?  This is why walking your dogs on a leash will prevent an aerial attacker from flying away with your Fido.

  • Avoid Feeding Wildlife

The squirrel feeder you have placed in your backyard will certainly let you see some cute squirrel antics. But where there is prey, the predator is bound to show up. It can even enter your house. This is why feeding the local wildlife, even the cute ones like squirrels can become highly dangerous for your dogs.

  • Ensure Timely Vaccinations

Despite the best precautions, accidents can occur. If a predator attacks your dog, take them to the vet and get the necessary dog vaccine to shield them from a disease like Rabies. Rabies is most often spread through bites from wild animals like bats, wolves, foxes, jackals etc. So it is important to vaccinate them in the correct schedule.

All in All,

The presence of critters in the wild isn’t bad in itself as this is how nature is. However, you have to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies, As long as you respect nature and are conscious of your surroundings, you will always peacefully co-exist with the animals of the wild.

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