60 can be the new 40

Reflecting on a Decade of Challenges and Blessings

I wanted to share something personal with you today. As I recently turned 60, I’ve been reflecting on the challenges and blessings I’ve experienced over the past decade.

When I turned 50 ten years ago, my then-new start-up company was struggling. I wanted to maintain my values and product quality, and bringing the new business to a sustainable level was extremely challenging.

I also knew that if I took on investors, they would push me to focus more on the bottom line than on you and your dogs, and I didn’t want this to happen.

To make the necessary shift, I changed the webstore provider and switch to Shopify, a fledgling and promising company.

Unfortunately, the transition didn’t go well initially, and we lost all traffic to our website for several weeks. This was a death sentence for a small company like ours.

I was in a panic!

In a last-ditch effort, I sent a direct Twitter message to Tobi Lutke, the CEO of Shopify, for help. To my surprise, he intervened, mobilized his top engineers, and got our website back up and running.

The whole episode was like a scene from a movie when a car goes off the road, stopping only inches away from falling over the cliff.

His act of kindness was the best gift for my 50th birthday.

Fast forward to January 2024, and I found myself turning 60. Like many people, I wasn’t thrilled about it.

Additionally, I was diagnosed with a small benign lump on my salivary gland, likely caused by past neck injuries. I often talk about neck and collar injuries in dogs, so of course, I had to experience a similar problem.

*Ironically, what I taught, I got.*

Fortunately, I found a skilled surgeon in Prague specializing in salivary gland procedures. The surgery is scheduled for November.

This challenge has made me appreciate my overall good health. It prompted me to commit to being in the best shape of my life by improving my health routine, in addition to dog walks with Pax.

I’ve never intended to boast about this, but I realize that downplaying my achievements doesn’t serve anyone.

Achieving good health requires willpower, a commitment to exercise, eating well, taking supplements, and prioritizing emotional and mental well-being.

Embracing Health and Wellness

I follow a specific health protocol, including recommendations from Dr. Gregger and Dr. Peter Attia:

  • Food based on their recommendations and research
  • No sugar (except the odd time, as an exceptional treat)
  • No processed or pre-made food
  • Exercise 6x a week in addition to dog walks

But this accounts only for a portion of the results. Based on the research and science available, the body needs to get what’s missing in food grown on depleted soils to be metabolically healthy.

Even if we manage to cut down on sugar and processed food, our bodies still needs additional nutrients in order to thrive.

When I was 20, I thought 40 was old, and 60 was ancient. I am saying this with a degree of humility, but I didn’t think I would be feeling so good!

I am determined to spread the word because we all have dogs and people we love, and seeing them unwell is heartbreaking.

Not sharing would equal not caring.

The supplements have been a game-changer for me, which is why I’m excited to share them with you. Here is Pax’s and my supplement protocol. I hope you will try it on your own because health is the greatest wealth.

Human supplement protocol (that I am on):

  • SoulFood H+ multi-vitamin is fermented and contains turmeric and other herbs to support the main organs, reduce inflammation, and prevent cancer.

  • GutSense H+ supports digestion, healthy bowel movements, and strengthens the immune system. Probiotics have proven to be essential mood enhancers.

  • GreenMin H+ provides essential minerals (Alga Calcarea), amino acids (spirulina), and cleansing greens (barley grass).

  • FeelGood Omega H+ – I currently take 3 grams (6 capsules) to protect my brain, maintain good memory, and promote healthy cell repair. Dementia and memory loss are partially caused by disruption of the blood-brain barrier, which causes brain inflammation. Omegas are scientifically proven and essential to prevent this from happening.

  • I also cleanse with Livertune once every six months for a month, but I also take two capsules once a week in between the major cleanses, as it improves my energy level, strength, mental clarity, and sense of happiness.

You can get the best value on this pack by purchasing the “Longevity Bundle” here:

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Dog Protocol (that Pax is on):

The canine protocol is very similar to the human protocol.

It consists of the FAB4 (SoulFood, GreenMin, GutSense, and Omega’s) plus a LiverTune cleanse every six months for a month (with a once-week dose in between the month-long cleanses).

Pax is also on JointButter, the new fermented mobility and joint support.

Here is the link to the Canine Longevity Bundle + JointButter:

We all have challenges, but I hope that by sharing this info and inspiring you, you will get on the protocol and #FEELTHEDIFFERENCE.

It comes risk-free with our 60-day money-back guarantee.


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