Dog Dental Care Tips

6 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Dental Health

Dog Dental Care Tips

All dog owners want their furry balls to live their best lives for a long time. One of the key factors of your dog’s overall well-being is their dental health. Many dog owners ignore their canines’ oral health, which forms the reason for many illnesses in them. This is also why a huge number of adult dogs get periodontal disease as well.

In this blog, you will see 6 simple yet highly effective ways to keep good dental health in your dogs and instil good oral hygiene. So let us get started,

  • Be Regular With Check-Ups

The most important step for maintaining excellent dental health in your dogs is to take them for vet check-ups regularly. This makes it easy for your vet to assess your pet’s oral health and root out any dental issues in their gums and teeth before they turn into any illness.  They will also check for Tartar and Plaque build-up between your dog’s teeth which are the main causes of bad breath.

  • Give them a Bone to Chew

Not the real bones as they can cause splinter and cause digestive problems in the dogs. It is suggested that you give them a good rawhide bone to chew since it helps in preventing Tartar and Plaque build-up. It also promotes good chewing behaviour in dogs, which also helps them cope with boredom and anxiety as well.

  • Inspect their Teeth Often

It is suggested to dog owners that they check their pet’s mouth once or twice a week. This will make you accustomed to what the gums and teeth of your dogs normally look like. You will also identify any problems that may arise, such as broken teeth or swollen gums. Just by being aware, you can clear a lot of problems before they even start.

  • Provide Dental Chew Treats

There are many dog dental treats available today that keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy and strong. These treats also help eliminate the build-up of plaque, where they create a protective barrier on the surface of the dog’s teeth, preventing the bacteria from forming the plaque. The treats act as an excellent addition to the dental care routine of your dogs.

  • Offer Clean, Fresh Water to Them

Ensure that your dogs have fresh, clean water at all times. This is because drinking water helps wash away food debris and bacteria from your dog’s mouth after eating their food. This also reduces discomfort and gingivitis in them. You can also give them dental water additives which boost the overall oral health of your dogs. It gives a refreshing breath to the dogs as well.

  • Never Ignore Bad Breath 

If your dog is experiencing bad breath, show them to your vet at the earliest. This is because foul breath can also indicate dental diseases like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. It also signals the presence of bacteria, which can cause infections in their teeth. Bad breath may also mean that your dogs may be having some pain and discomfort while eating. All these reasons make it highly important to not ignore the stinky breath in the dogs.

In Brief,

These are 6 highly effective tips for keeping good oral health in your dogs. With these tips, you will be able to prevent many dental illnesses, which otherwise occur due to bad oral health. Also, never hesitate to visit your vet if you have any concerns regarding the dental health of your dogs.

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