Benefits of Having Two Dogs

6 Surprising Benefits of Having Two Dogs Over One

Benefits of Having Two Dogs

Dogs are wonderful creatures who bring joy and lighten our house with their antics. If you own a dog, have you ever thought about what it would be like to bring up two dogs together? There may be doubt in your mind that owning two dogs is a lot of work and may get highly difficult.

In this blog, we will debunk all myths about raising two dogs together and enlighten you with some mind-blowing benefits of owning two dogs.

So let us get started

  • They Will Keep Each Other Busy and Active

Physical exercise in dogs is vital for maintaining health, happiness, proper socialization etc. If you have a fairly active dog, it will take at least 2 hours from your schedule to make them fit and healthy. One way to reduce this time is to raise two dogs who will then keep each other exercised. Besides, they will have each other’s company when you are out of the house for some time. This means your dogs will be less bored, and a less bored dog is unlikely to create any mischief.

  • Makes Training Easier

It might be difficult to teach tricks and commands to an old dog, but an old dog will certainly teach a lot of tricks to a new dog. This is because dogs are pack animals and look up to their pack leader for guidance. When a new puppy is introduced into the house, the older dog automatically takes up the role of a leader.

You will also find training a puppy is far easier when it is with an older dog. Also, dogs tend to do their business where other dogs have gone already. So toilet training your puppy will be a walk in the park.

  • Reduces Separation Anxiety

Many dogs experience separation anxiety or feelings of intense stress that occur when they are left alone. Although many dogs overcome their separation anxiety, some need extra attention and solutions, like specialised training and emotional therapy.

If your dog has a companion with him, the chances of developing separation anxiety are reduced drastically. You can also throw dog toys at them, to keep them engaged and entertained for a long time.

  • You Will Save Two Lives

One of the finest reasons to have two dogs, instead of one is pretty simple, you are saving two lives. It is estimated that approximately 3 million dogs are put into animal shelters each year, and out of them, 1.2 million are euthanized. You can directly help and save the lives of dogs by giving them a happy and safe home. Also, adopting dogs from a shelter home creates more space for other animals in need.

  • It Isn’t That Expensive

This will make dog lovers rejoice. You can now double the excitement of a dog without doubling the finances. Apart from regular immunizations and checkups, raising two dogs at the same time doesn’t cost much more than having one.

Dogs can share many of their accessories including dog food, beds, grooming products, dog treats etc. It is also important to note that puppy foods are made differently, than food for adult dogs. So avoid mixing the foods for puppies and adult dogs.

  • Two Times the Love

Why do you think most people add a second dog to their family? Their first dog brought so much love and happiness to their house, and they are now craving for more. There is nothing better than coming home to a dog who loves you unconditionally, and you can double down on that love by adding a second furry friend.

In a Nutshell,

Raising two dogs can feel like a lot of work sometimes, but the pros outweigh the cons. Hopefully, these six reasons will motivate you to adopt a furry friend and enhance the joy in your house. Always remember to reward your dogs with treats and praise when they interact nicely with each other. This will encourage them to behave well in future also.

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